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Shark's apology to RPGPundit and request for unbanning

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Shark sent me his apology and asked me to post it publicly.

Here is my letter for Pundit.


The other day, I went to lunch, and then returned. I was relaxing, drinking a bottle of ice-cold Coke, and began smoking my pipe. I attempted to jump on over to the RPGsite, and check the news and discussions of the day. I had earlier popped in for a brief while in the early morning. The message promptly said I had been banned.

I thought to myself, “WHAT? I haven’t violated any rules. There must be some kind of mistake. Perhaps there has been a glitch or fuck up in the system?” Then, my good friend sent me the banning notice from Pundit. The truth of the matter is that it has been several months since I had posted in that particular thread, and I had forgotten about the thread. Many threads eventually become political, regardless of what topic they start on to begin with. So, threads about the OSR, WOTC, woke this, woke that, all kind of blur and blend to me after awhile. Different threads climb the discussion ladder, or then submerge, and sink to the bottom of the page, or go off the front page entirely, throughout the thread’s “Lifecycle”. For whatever reason, this particular thread had regained some prominence, and had climbed the ladder again. I popped into it to see why, to see what was being discussed, and my curiosity was piqued, which I asked a question about a definition.

I had honestly forgotten that I had previously participated in the thread, and I had certainly forgotten that I had been thread-banned. I sincerely apologize for forgetting I had been previously thread-banned. My action was certainly not done as some kind of intentional violation or provocation.

Thank you, for your prompt attention and consideration of this matter.

Semper Fidelis,




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Sacrificial Lamb:
That's nice. :)



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