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RSS for specific forums/subforums? Please help me get my feeds back on track.

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Try it now with the new links from the icons.


--- Quote from: brettmb on October 10, 2020, 02:53:25 PM ---Try it now with the new links from the icons.

--- End quote ---
Yay! That works perfectly now. Thank you!

Do you have any idea what happened, though? RSS support has been standard on bulletin software for well over a decade, so it seems like a weird thing to break in an update.

We're no longer on vbulletin, as it is no longer compatible with newer versions of PHP, unless we move up to vb5 (and that sucks). The new board has the same RSS support, but getting it to work needed a bit of a nudge, a smidgen of customization, and a deep dive into the code to find the right settings.


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