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Hreidmar :

--- Quote from: Aelfinn ---i'd run with it and see how it goes. if it works well, then keep it around. if not, ditch it.
--- End quote ---

Troll thinks this little might actual have good idea.

I think both ideas have a lot of merit.

And for those  , "complaining" about the postcount of Game-masters ; Easy fix : GMs and players both use an Alt for their PBP-game.
So : No postcount-surge because of PBP.

Not that I mind : I'm not my postcount. Are you?

Excellent ideas.  I'd also allow signatures for alt-IDs for PbEM in case they want to anontate something consistently, like current hits, ongoing bonuses or buffs, or even link back to their character sheet if a PbEM thread gets cluttered.

Reefer Madness:
very good Ideas, Give the gm and players special accounts that have everything turned on, avatars for character pics, sigs for different information such as description or other important info....

I would aslo give the GM's mod status for their game sections...


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