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Pat is a valuable dork. Pundit, please un-ban him.

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I don't see the value in many bans, especially as the site traffic and membership decreases. Defending free speech means tolerating speech we don't agree with.

The SJG abortion debacle is just the latest SJW stupidity and unfortunately, I don't think there's a way anymore to divide Gaming and Politics, unless we literally had a Gaming & Politics forum separate from the Gaming forums.

And maybe that's what we need going forward.

RPGPundit, I know you don't want to spend your time giving threadbans, warnings and all that other shit. I would FAR rather you spend your time on the forum debating, conversing and opining.

Personally, I'd invite the banned to return, but among all the banned who provided actual value to this site, Dorky Pat certainly leads that pack.

Please un-ban Pat.

It's not hard to control yourself and stick to the topic, and yet people seem to keep breaking that.

Again, for Pat to come back he would need to absolutely convince me that he would somehow be able to resist ever derailing a gaming forum thread into non-gaming political debate again, no matter how much someone tried to goad him into it.

I think it's worth recognizing that a thread titled 'Steve Jackson Games Goes Red on the Woke Meter' is inherently political; and the OP link to a statement about the Supreme Courts decision overturning Roe v. Wade is decidedly so.  How do you talk about a gaming company's political statements without  bringing your political views into the discussion? 

I'd support a rule about 'not talking about gaming publishing companies cultural/political positions'.  If we talked about Steve Jackson GAMES, but not SJG cultural positions we'd head off a lot of conversations that invite political derailment. 

No, that would be a stupid rule.

The rule we have is clear: you can talk about the politics of the gaming industry, you can't veer off into general politics.


If you're talking about Steve Jackson Games and their statements on Abortion, you can talk about Steve Jackson games, you can talk about abortion within the context of it's relationship to the topic of Steve Jackson's wokeness.  What you CANNOT DO is take that as carte blanche to talk about any other political subject. If you move the thread off-topic by talking about The Politics of Star Trek, or Environmentalism, or Crazy Stuff Feminists are Saying on Tumblr, or (AS PAT DID) on "Trump Derangement Syndrome", then you'll be banned.

When you write a post, before you hit "send", look at what you just wrote, and then look at the first post of the thread, and ask yourself, "does this actually have zero tangible connection to the topic and OP?" if the answer is yes, whether you're posting what you feel is vitally important information about how CRT is wrong, or about My Little Pony, or about your knowledge of trains, if it has no fucking connection to the topic do not post it if you don't want to be banned.

How is that difficult?

The post I just recently deleted (replying to folks talking about politics in Star Trek) discussed science fiction as a reflection/commentary on contemporary society; Heinlein's novel Starship Troopers, the Star Trek episode 'Let That Be Your Last Battlefield' and the game world of Golarion and 'good guy governments' versus 'bad guy governments'. 

I would say that my post was topical and primarily related to the acceptable topic of game companies and political views in artistic works, but your immediate prior post instructed me to avoid off-topic conversation and specifically referenced Star Trek politics.  In an effort to ensure I avoided crossing a line, I deleted the entire post. 

I imagine that you don't have time to read every post in every thread - you've built a thriving community and it's not practical to fully read every post in every thread, especially if you're not personally interested in it.  However, I think the Original Post (OP) of a thread helps set the tone.  Since there were multiple bans coming from the same thread, it might be worth revisiting the OP - I've added bolding for emphasis.

--- Quote from: Cathode Ray on July 08, 2022, 06:04:09 AM ---Today's announcement from Steve Jackson Games is full-steam partisan/activist/pro-abortion.  I don't care what side you fall on: pro-abortion, or the side that's on the right side of history.  Right to privacy?  Keep your extremism private.

Official word from Steve Jackson, alienating the majority of people.

They states that they'll donate profits to help murder children.  (Link to the "charity" )

--- End quote ---

For me, it's easy to avoid taking the bait in this particular case.  But, while my wife and I have three children and have never sought an abortion, we did experience a miscarriage.  This type of post hardly encourages a nuanced discussion of personal experiences, and whether criminalizing (or forcing parents like us to defend ourselves from even the accusation that we committed a crime) is heinous in a free society for all kinds of Libertarian reasons, let alone pro-social policy Democratic ones. 

It just doesn't make sense to me that BattleMaster and Pat got banned, but Cathode Ray and Chris24601 didn't. 

VisionStorm (also not banned) makes the point that "the real reason SJG put out this announcement draped in woke language about being a privileged white heterosexual male, and jumping in to mention transgender people, voter IDs and a whole other bunch of stuff that has fuck to do with abortion" means that even in the context of discussing SJG and their positions, well, a lot of political talk comes in.  And since the OP made the initial claim that this post by SJG is "alienating the majority of people" any statement about political affiliation/agreement with the issues is tantamount to an on-topic rebuttal (at least from my perspective).

And in this specific case, both Pat and Battlemaster were banned without any specific warnings in this thread and both in direct responses to S'mon, who also wandered off-topic in several of his previous posts. 



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