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NOTICE: "Sockpuppet accounts"


There is NO sockpuppeting allowed on this forum. The only conditions by which such a thing is allowed is if you ask me for permission to have a second account, beforehand. Sockpuppeting will be taken very seriously on here from here on in.

Anyone who had a sockpuppet as of now, this is the time to fess up in PM, let me know, and get out of the muppet business. Anyone who flagrantly violates this rule will face serious consequences.

The place to discuss this ruling, if there's anything to be discussed, is here.


PS: Anyone who wishes to switch accounts or the names of their accounts should please get in touch with me or one of the other Mods to give notice and reasons for doing so.  Don't just start a new account, or you may get confused with a sockpuppeteer.
If you have a reason for wanting to switch to a new account (or want to request a name change and have a good reason for that), let us know, and your request will likely be granted.


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