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The News/Adverts forum is intended as a way to advertise your products, services, upcoming conventions, and general RPG/hobby news. It is a service provided to members of this forum, but the rules below must be followed to prevent posts from being deleted and people being banned. Keep in mind the the first post of these threads appears on the front page.

1. Be professional. Don't just provide a link. Describe the nature of the link and how it can benefit those who read the post.

2. Do not plead for people to vote for you in some election. This is shameless and a waste of space.

3. If you are going to post news/adverts, become a regular member, contributing to discussions. This is not mandatory, but requested.

4. Consider banner advertising for extended coverage.

Levi Kornelsen:
I note that the rules listed above bar use of BBC, but do not include barring HTML.  Which strikes me as odd.

Is HTML allowed / does it work?

HTML does not work.

Levi Kornelsen:
Cool.  Thanks for the fast reply!

Why are my adverts for DramaScape products not being posted any more?


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