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depends on how heavily you want to concentrate on other forms of entertainment besides roleplaying games.

for roleplaying news I would go with:

Dungeons & Dragons
Wizards of the Coast
D20 publishers (this would be a catchall for any publisher not specifically listed)
White Wolf
Sword & Sorcery
Roleplaying Games (again, a catchall)


--- Quote from: Harry Joy ---Urhhh, let the meta forum evolve naturally?
I'm against sub-forums for the sake of forums. It divides and dilutes posts unnecessarily.
--- End quote ---

I don't think it's a question of sub-forums. Think tags. The newspiece "Gary Gygax threatens to take over the world using an army of half-celestial, half-elemental elven war-mains" could be tagged as D20, political, munchkin.

Guest (Deleted):

--- Quote from: BillyBeanbag ---Does the programming of the categories need to be done in advance? If it was me, I'd have like main categories to start off with.

Electronic Gaming
Tabletop Gaming
Roleplaying Gaming

I don't know much about the code side at all, so I reserve the right to change my answer. :)
--- End quote ---
No, I've designed it so that I can change it on the fly.

RPG by game type (see forums)
Board games

Guest (Deleted):

Ok, boards are going down at noon EST to install the news module.

When they go up everyone has the ability, and everyone is encouraged to, post news.  They'll be a link visible on the news page to do so.  When you post an item check off all the categories you feel are appropriate to your news. You must choose at least one news category or the news will not display. You also need to pick a date that the news will be announced - if any publisher wants to use our system to make a timed announcement then that's what this is for. If you con't specify a date the system puts your post into tomorrow's queue of items to display.  It is possible to post news up to 2 days prior to today, but beyond that the computer will assume you mean next YEAR, so be careful - if you try to make a post show up on February 1st for example it will be posted in the queue for February 1st 2007.


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