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--- Quote from: vytzka;691654 ---Could I get mine changed to ^_^ ? That's a legal nickname as far as I know and it's how I go about on IRC nowadays.
--- End quote ---

"^_^" is not a screen name. It's a smiley. It's going to lead to all sorts of confusion. Choose a name that people can actually call you by, and I'll change it, if you still want to. This is a discussion forum, not IRC.

To whoever takes care of this:

Could I have my username changed to EssEmAech? I'm going to be posting here more now, and this is what I'm currently using pretty much everywhere else. Thanks in advance!

Done, sorry for the delay.

Unifying my user IDs across gaming discussion boards: may I please be rechristened Vargold?

Many thanks.

If possible, I'd like to change my username from f13 to F13. Thank you


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