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Has this feature been removed, in the new software?  If not, any description of the icon I should be looking for?  I see the "last post" but the old software, if there was a thread with 50 posts, and I'd already read 1-30, with 31-50 being posted after I read the previous, I could click this little blue icon, and it would take me to post #31 (next unread).

I believe you can click the orange new image next to the thread title to do that. Not sure though.

Something just "popped" for me, as I'm seeing the "new" icons now, and the functionality they provide is what I was missing.

Thank you!

Ok. Keep me informed of any weirdness. Thanks.

This doesn’t seem to work consistently. It has sometimes worked for me, and other times it just goes to the first post in the thread. That isn’t unique to this site however, I have experienced the same on other fora.

The lack of a ‘new’ tag on individual posts in the thread makes it hard to quickly find new posts manually at this point, however. Is that feature available?

For context, I’m using Safari on iPadOS.


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