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Moderation - that dirty, dirty M word

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Guest (Deleted):

Unlike Nothingland this site will eventually be moderated.  The site will NOT be moderated as heavily as most sites. I'm not interested in seeing pot shots and wisecracks snuffed - they are too much fun.  I'm not interested in having posters feel that they can't call a jizzgobbler to the floor and call him on the poo he flings.  What moderators will do, primarily, is move thread as necessary to correct forums and watch out for protracted conflicts.

Let's be honest here - some folks don't like some folks.  Fine.  Not everyone on the board wants/needs to know. If necessary I'll set each person on the other's ignore list. If that still doesn't work it is grounds for being banned.

I don't want to lay down a set of exacting specifications about what constitutes harassment. Also, some forums will be more heavily watched than others. The soapbox for instance is prone to infighting.  Like any good bar owner I'll allow the patrons to have fun, but when you start breaking the furniture it's gonna be EVERYBODY involved out.  And "I didn't start it" won't fly.

I hope I never have to ban anyone.  I really hope a permaban is never necessary.  But the pessimist in me says that's wishful thinking.

In the meanwhile, carry on and voice your thoughts on what you consider too much or too little moderation.

I like this plan.

Vermicious Knid:
Should I bother asking about avatar rules or should I just see what I can get away with?

Guest (Deleted):
If I throw up you're banned for a day.  I have a cast iron stomach.  You figure it out. :D

I wonder Pooka about this soapbox forum. I fear it will only bring us disharmony and strife.


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