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--- Quote from: RPGPundit ---As of January 1st, 2007:

3222 threads
56659 posts
1475 members
590 active members (40%)

--- End quote ---

This month's are a little late due to technical difficulties, but here, as of Feb 3rd, 2007:

3853 Threads
68,038 posts
1,957 members
670 active members (35%)

This means that we have had a 5% decline in active membership, but you'll notice that we actually have more active members numerically now than we did a month ago.  This is because our overall membership has gone up (almost 500 new members in one month!), so of course as time goes by the percentage of active members will inevitably diminish.  I think its the number of active members itself that matters most.


And we have now surpassed the 2000 member level.


Andy K:

--- Quote from: RPGPundit ---And we have now surpassed the 2000 member level.
--- End quote ---

Just FYI, you have 909 members: That is, people who have signed up for an account.  You can find this by clicking on the "Members List" above.  As of today, it says:

"Showing results 1 to 30 of 909".  

It looks like the forum software counts anyone a member who browses the site from a unique IP address.  I myself am 5 "members" of the RPGSite (Logged in as a guest from 2 home PCs, 3 work PCs). I tested this out earlier on a similar forum, then on RPGSite, by changing my static IP reloading the page. Then I did it again. I watched the Member count go up one more hit each time I added an IP and reloaded.

No idea how "Active Members" is calculated. Registered users who signed in within the month? You'd have to look through the software man pages to find out what it means.

Still, 909 actual "I registered for membership" Members is still a lot. You can probably break 1,000 in under a year of being online, which is really remarkable.


That's not true, Andy.  I know for a fact that there are 2133 members here now, since I regularly have to go around banning one or two a day, and you ban them by their member number.

Why the discrepancy? I'm not sure. The members list might only be people who enabled the listing option their profile, or it might be that they're the ones who aren't banned (though I doubt that; while I'd figure about one in every 3-5 members is a spambot, I don't think there's any way the ratio is over 50%).

So I'm not sure why that discrepancy appears to exist, but I assure you we have 2133 registered members.  Granted that a sizeable number (in the hundreds at least) are spambots that have been banned. But the same is pretty well true of EVERY RPG site. I can't begin to imagine how many spambots RPGnet gets per day, considering how many we do.

The one place where you're right is about this site being a resounding success.  Last year was all about me setting up one of the most successful RPG blogs in the hobby; and now this year has been all about setting up one of the most successful new Forums in the hobby. So much for my detractors.  :hehe:


what are the numbers like now?


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