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One year and a half later...

Threads: 16,015
Posts: 400,059
Members: 3,276

What's the criteria for measuring "active" members? Posts per day or something of the sort?

Today, April 8, it has:
Threads: 17,026, Posts: 432,852, Members: 3,759

That means that in the last five months (slightly less, actually), its gained over a 1000 threads, almost 33000 posts, and close to 500 members.  That's an increase of about 6.2% growth in threads,  8.3% in posts, and and a whopping 15.3% growth in members, in just five months (very good stats for a site the size of theRPGsite).


Please update this thread, very curious how big this place really is now. Thank you!


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