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That's a good question, I pretty well dropped the ball on this, didn't I? After a while it seemed kind of pointless since it was clear that the site was doing very well and no longer needed careful monitoring for "momentum".

As of today, we have:

6010 threads
131 536 posts
3228 members
364 active members (12%)

So interestingly, we've doubled in absolutely every respect except membership.  At the same time, back then was before we'd put in newer and better ways of blocking spammers from signing up, so we'd get one or two new spammer members a day, which probably screwed up the real percentage of active members.
It certainly feels to me like our "active members" are MORE active now than they were back at the start of the year.

--- Quote from: RPGPundit ---As of January 1st, 2007:

3222 threads
56659 posts
1475 members
590 active members (40%)

--- End quote ---


thanks!  it didn't seem necessary to update that sort of thing monthly.  maybe twice a year, or quarterly instead?  just for the hell of it, i mean.

Can we get an update here of site stats?

The last data set is from 2007.

Threads: 11,700
Posts: 285,936
Members: 2,131

There was a cull of non-active members and spammers at some point last year, which explains why the total number is lower than in 2007.

EDIT: The number of people who have posted at least once in the last 30 days stands at 262 (12.29%). The number of members who have posted at least once in 2009 is 436 (20.46%). If you add those who have posted at least once since May 15 of last year, the number is 753 (35.34%). This only counts actual posters, and not people who just logged in last month, so it's not the same parameter that Pundit used in 2007.

In other words, we are continuing to grow.



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