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Guest (Deleted):
Anybody up for a game of craps?

What about fireball tossing?

Or a good old skill check

Here's the rules on the dice tool according to Larry Lamont of Pesking GA.  You can only make one of a *type* of roll in a post - subsquent rolls will yield the same result. Hence if you need to roll a d20 two times you'll need to make two posts.

And don't think about cheating - the system remembers your roll after the first go and won't let you change it.  The clever among you might note the result is simple bold text, but if you quote this post you can see the tag - and your Gamemaster can quote your post to see if you actually rolled or you made it up.  If you made it up then it's your neck, not mine.


--- Quote from: Harry Joy ---I understand this to mean you have installed a dice roller? If so, I don't see it. Hint, please?
--- End quote ---

Quote the Pooka and all will be clear.

Guest (Deleted):
The dice code is [noparse][dice=x]y[/dice][/noparse] where X is the number of dice to roll and Y is the denomination (d6, d4, etc)



We like this new tool.

at least it wasn't natural 1.....


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