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Is there a way to set a dark background for the updated forums? I have been looking, but couldn't find any. Not essential, but it would be nice to have one.

Something else: I notice signatures are much more limited in length in the current system than they used to be. Could this be returned to the previous settings?

And a third one: would it be possible to have an option for 100 posts per page, as in the old system?

There is no dark background. Signatures are limited since a lot take up too much room. I'll have to look into the 100 post per page.

I'd like to second the posts per page, was just looking for that setting, and can't find it.

As far as themes, I would like to see some different options.

You can change that option here, but it maxes out at 50.

I added the 100 post per page option. If it starts to tax the server, I'll have to remove it.


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