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Ay, What is with the RPGSite blocking my web browser?...

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...when I'm trying to access it from my Linux machines.

1) There is no Web Bot. I haven't set one up so not sure where there message is coming from.

2) Blocking the IP is bad idea. it's from a public IP pool.

3) I'm not making any illegal calls to your website that I know of. If my browser is doing it, show me the code, and I'll get the people on the horn responsible.

4) I'm using a Firefox browser. If your website is blocking Firefox, you are losing 6% of your entire readership, and if you are blocking Mozilla based browsers, you are excluding 24% of your potential readership.

Attached is the error message I'm getting when trying to access theRPGSite...

Wait, ...we can't even post images anymore? WTF? Here the error message parked on Google Drive for reference...

Doesn't seem to have anything to do with your browser. Your IP address is likely the culprit. You're using two different IP addresses. I'm looking into it.

Attachment test.

Attachments fixed.

Thank You, I'll try that again when I get home. Also message size seems to be disabled here. I'm not on Twitter!


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