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I have a ton of maps that i've made over the years in cc2. for the most part they are fantasy-oriented, but i'm wondering if there's an appropriate forum in which to post them? howbout paint jobs for miniatures?

Fantasy maps and minatures put in the Fantasy Roleplaying.  Sci-Fi ones put in the Science Fiction Roleplaying forum.

Guest (Deleted):
For the moment use Everything Else.  Eventually I intend to set up a gallery program that members DON'T have to pay to use (pay to view I could understand, but pay to use... That's like charging someone to do volunteer work).

EDIT: Knightcrawler's suggestion works too.

Ooops my bad.  :o

Guest (Deleted):
What bad? Both answers work. Yours actually makes more sense if mine isn't a lie (which it can't be cause I'm a pooka and pooka always tell the truth).


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