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Author Topic: An Awards Ceremony... with a difference  (Read 578 times)

Mr. Analytical

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An Awards Ceremony... with a difference
« on: November 23, 2006, 07:42:00 AM »
Hello all,

  The other forum I hang out on is devoted to comedy and for the last couple of years we've had an awards ceremony where we give out prizes not to the best comedy shows or performers but to the worst.

  Seeing as a lot of RPG sites have award shows that are devoted to fellating industry types and seeing as we're kind of getting a reputation for being different, I thought that the idea might export quite well to here.

  We can come up with a list of categories, then we have nominations and voting.  We can then write up an awards ceremony and send out virtual awards to all the winners.

  We could even call them the RPGSite Golden Snarks.