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I'll get to the point: lots of people get banned here (SJWs must love it, a suicidal site) and so was GriswaldTerrastone. I know him, and am asking that he be given amnesty or whatever you want to call it. Let him remove the posts that got him banned. Tell me here the ban is lifted and I'll tell him.
You people keep complaining about SJWs, well this is a guy who helped red pill me years ago with a simple question: do you people remember that Occupy Wall Street movement back in the 2000s? It was when the media pretty much cooked up "SJW" and the media started insulting that protest.
It was Griswald who pointed out something to me- the media had always supported leftist movements. It supported that Duke university rape hoax then just doubled down when the Crystal Mangum woman was shown to be a liar. It supported just about EVERY leftist thing since the 1960s.
So why did that same media turn against Occupy Wall Street? Young leftists protesting the very center of capitalism, wouldnt that be the aging hippies dream? But the media turned on them. Why?
He sure got the wheels turning in my head with that question. I stopped just going along with things I was told.
I also know that he was suffering badly from covid-19 in early November. I read over those posts you banned him over and that is NOT, I am telling you NOT, how he normaly says things about that because he knows the differences. He couldn't have been thinking really right when he made those posts, and he had to fight that damn disease at home by himself. He described how that went to me and it was weird- sometimes he thought he was in truck stops hundreds of miles away because he couldn't sleep, or fields with old empty houses, and he lost over 20 pounds. Something else terrible happened at his house when he came back in, something I bet none of you here ever had to deal with, and I mean freaking TERRIBLE.
So you people banned someone suffering from covid. I also see he shared his world-building stuff here and a fantasy race of his to someone, and he never cursed out anyone here like I've seen people do here- and if he posts pictures of two dragon-things dancing he sure as hell never posts that cow picture, yeah that one was workplace safe right? Don't tell me people here didn't read that world building link and get ideas from it, but he never wants anything in return, except maybe a thanks which he never gets. All he got was being banned, but the stuff he shared and people use is still there. Way to go.
So I'm hoping you people will give him another chance, and maybe other people too but I don't know them. If you don't then don't talk about lowlife SJWs banning things and how they bully people, because you people banned a guy in his fifties suffering from the pandemic. I hope I get some support on this one.

Why did he get banned?

Looking at his last few posts, it looks like a trio of anti-Jewish posts on Nov. 3.

Maybe if he hadn't been SUFFERING FROM FREAKING COVID THAT MADE HIM THINK HE WAS BACK IN TIME OR HUNDREDS OF MILES AWAY he would have put it differently. I know he would have because he never used the word z---ist. I told you he knows the difference, at least when a guy in his fifties isn't suffering from a disease THAT KILLS PEOPLE.
But people- feminist man-bashing here in America and a lot of white male bashing in the media is done all the time. Since I don't want to get banned I'll keep it nice and vague, but look up feminist names in America and who runs the stupid media that bashes men, especially white guys, as being racist rapist bastards. Here in America it's no secret.
All Griswald did- and again HE WAS SUFFERING FROM COVID AND NOW HE HAS A RELATIVE IN THE HOSPITAL WITH A COLLAPSED LUNG- the damn medical bills might wipe him out but who cares right- was say something about people who bash HIM, a rapist white supremest just for existing. I'll say it- google the names here in America who gave us the left agenda you people keep whining about- I'll leave it there since I don't want to get banned to. It wasn't "anti-jewish," he didn't say anything that wasn't true- LOOK IT UP THAT'S WHAT THE INTERNET IS FOR!- youre just not allowed to talk about it. We have schools now that make white kids wear chains for "lessons" about slavery and write papers about "white privilege" and how white people suck. We even had college teachers saying all white people should kill themselves.
Did it ever occur to you people with your damn ban hammers that at his age maybe he was just tired of being hit and never being allowed to even say ANYTHING about it? If somebody kept calling YOU a child rapist and caused laws that hurt YOU would you just shut up about it forever? Ever hear of a show called The Jeffersons? A black guy says "honkey" all the time and that's just sooooooooooo freaking funny and all right, but say the other word even once and you're a seal clubber and carjacker. Guy who did the show? Norman Lear. And that was back in the 1970s.
He spoke up a bit and look what happened. Yeah, the damn corner is being turned and the SJWs gonna get what's coming to them- yeah, when the rest of us are dead or in prison camps for hate speech or whatever. Man, even with covid making him see things Griswald was saner than most people.

Come ON, man, give him a break already. I'm telling him what was said here and he'll know just to shut up and let the left win, because if he shows any guts nobody will help him and he'll just get banned.

You know, when I'm sick I sometimes become grumpier than my usual self. Or more emotional.

And yet not once has any disease turned me temporarily Anti-Semitic.


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