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Author Topic: [Actual Play] - Elephant Queens & Tiger Kings  (Read 342 times)


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[Actual Play] - Elephant Queens & Tiger Kings
« on: July 17, 2020, 03:47:06 PM »
Elephant Queens & Tiger Kings - 1: Creating the World



Bronze Age(ish) Sword & Sorcery set in Southeast Asia during the last Ice Age. For the past couple of years I've been creating a setting construction toolkit for Ice Age Sundaland, the now sunken land that lay between Java, Sumatra, Malaysia and Borneo 15,000 years ago. I call it a setting construction toolkit because the aim has been to create resources for people to discover their own version of this setting rather than to make them absorb pages and pages of history lore and fiction.

The tone I'm aiming for is a mix of pulp fiction, sword & sorcery, dark fantasy, alternative history and fringe archaeology. You can read more about the setting here:

I'm going to be playing a solo game using the free IronSworn rules. I don't expect I will be writing complete fiction but there will be some narration to go along with the dice rolls and I'll be explicit about all the resources that I use to create the world and drive the game. IronSworn is a game that is partly influenced by Apocalypse World and has a narrative tracking mechanic built in, which means that even a description of the rolls and results will provide a description of the action.

Today I will start with choosing options from the Sundaland Workbook (which you can find on my blog) to set the scene of the world I'm going to explore. Further details will be fleshed out as I play.

Each section has 3 options to choose from, but for brevity I've only written out the one I've chosen as well as the accompanying plot hook.


Gods and Religion

People worship many different gods. Most religions are polytheistic but even the monotheists don't deny the existence of other gods, just that theirs favours them in particular or is the most powerful above all others.

2. The gods exist but their direct impact on the world is limited. They work through mysterious ways. Communication with them is difficult to achieve and the results are often ambiguous and open to interpretation. Who is able to communicate with the gods and how do they do it? What are their messages and intentions for mortals?

Quest starter: The lands have not been yielding as before and the people fear the gods have abandoned their leaders. The people grow restless and some are openly questioning the ability of the elites to rule. What is the reason for poor yields and what can be done about it? Can the people be convinced that the gods still favour the rulers?


2. Magic is something that a select few have access to under the right circumstances or with the right knowledge and resources. Even then the results are not consistent or definitely identifiable as magic. Perhaps it is dangerous and maybe it corrupts those who indulge in its practice. What are the necessary conditions for magic to happen? What do the results look like? How does it affect the practitioner and the world?

Quest starter: A totem has gone missing from the temple and the priests are certain that calamity will befall the city if it is not found soon. What has happened to it and can it recovered before it's too late?

Human Species

Homo Sapiens Sapiens are not the first Homo species to arrive in Sundaland. Other species like the Homo Denisova and Homo Floresiensis inhabited the land before we arrived.

2. Our species rarely interacts with other types of humans since they are low in number. We are out competing them in many areas and it seems it won't be long before we become the dominant type. However we have much to learn from them if we're willing to. What special knowledge or abilities do other species of humans possess? Are they willing to share those or are they intent on keeping them to themselves? If the latter, what could persuade them to share?

Quest starter: A group of the "others" has entered our territory but it's unclear what their intentions are. The local people are weary and would rather they move on. What do the newcomers want and can they be convinced to move on?

Technology Level

I imagine that cultures will each be at a different level of technology, with some remaining as hunter-gatherers while others develop in a different direction. There's also the possibility that cultures lose knowledge and regress in sophistication due to wars or natural disasters. This section described the average technology level for your setting.

I've left the question of the domestication of rice as a separate matter for now because it has such a big impact on the world. Rice farming is very labour intensive and requires a lot of planning and cooperation which necessarily requires or leads to more complex social structures. The current scientific consensus is that rice wasn't domesticated until 13,500 - 8000 years ago in China. But you could imagine that rice was domesticated in Sundaland and then spread around the region after the floods.

1. Bronze Age

People have learned to cast bronze tools and weapons using copper and tin. Sources of food are early forms of horticulture (gardening) and agriculture (farming) supplemented by fishing, hunting and gathering. Some plants and animals are in the early stages of domestication. Examples of technologies include the plow, soap, oil lamps, rope and the wheel.

Writing has been invented but very few people are literate. Astronomical knowledge may be quite advanced with some cultures building monuments that reflect knowledge of precession, equinoxes and various planetary alignments.

Boats consist of various types of canoes and catamarans powered by oars or using sails such as the Crab Claw Sail. Commerce is facilitated through barter and various non-coin currencies. Coin currencies may be in use by some cultures but it's not widespread or standardised. Most people live in wooden buildings but temples, forts and palaces are built with stone.

Quest starter: A nearby culture has advanced knowledge of the stars and their motions. This knowledge could be useful for your people so you've been tasked with acquiring their secrets by any means necessary.

Status and Hierarchy

Civilisation allows for the division of labour and role specialisation which can lead to the formation of class and caste structures, often hierarchical in nature. Each class or caste ranks in rights, power, wealth and status but there doesn't necessarily have to be a correlation between each of these. Some classes or castes might have a lot of status but no wealth or vice versa.

3. Your culture has a loose social structure with a lot of opportunity for social mobility which is either inbuilt or due to external circumstances (war, natural disasters, depopulation etc.). This is a dynamic social environment with both positive and negative consequences. The risks are are great but so are the opportunities. Why is the society of your culture not as stratified as others? Has it always been this way or did this situation come about recently? What are the challenges and opportunities?

Quest starter: Your extended family has been accused of shirking its duties and is in danger of losing respect amongst your fellow citizens. What is the accusation, who is making it and what can be done to restore the families' honour?


2. There are numerous towns and city-states. The world is still a dangerous place but well prepared groups can explore far from civilisation. What are the incentives for venturing out into the wild?

Quest starter: It is time for your people to expand their domain so you've been sent out as part of an expedition to identify a site for a new settlement. Can you find somewhere your people can prosper and grow?


2. Some resources are scarce. Each culture has the basics of what they need but there are a couple of key things they need to acquire from outside sources. Sometimes those resources can be acquired through trade or exploration other times through raiding or conquest. Which resources are in need by particular cultures? Are they in need of food staples, luxury goods or strategically important materials such as tin and copper? What happens when a resource restrictions happens? How are conflicts over resources resolved?

Quest starter: There are rumours that a new tin deposit has been discovered in hills several days away. It is necessary for the production of bronze and could give your city the advantage over rivals. You've been sent with a scouting party to find out if the rumours are true and secure the site for your people.


3. Economies are interlinked and reliant on each other in a complex web of trade. Cultures have become specialised in what they produce. Everything from food to luxury resources are traded back and forth. A broken link in the chain could cause a cascading collapse of heavily interdependent economies. Which resources are most important to keeping the system going? Are there particular resources that are becoming scarce or about to be restricted in some way? What will the outcome of that be?

Quest starter: You are part of a trade envoy to another city state. The goods you transport are highly valuable and rivals are afraid the gift will upset the balance of power in the region. What is your envoy carrying and what are the implications if the mission succeeds?


2. The land experiences intermittent or ritual warfare. If there is a cold war of sorts then there are small skirmishes and conflicts erupting all the time. Things are in a precarious balance between the various factions that each strive for an advantage. How do the factions try to secure an advantage? Are they willing to risk an escalation? What are the potential rewards for the victors? What could change the balance of power between the factions?

Quest starter: Warriors from a rival city state have been spotted in our territory. You've been sent out to investigate the situation. Is this a planned incursion, have strayed into our territory by mistake or were they driven here for some reason?

Ice-Age Megafauna

2. Occasionally explorers and travellers encounter large animals and monsters far from civilisation. Is there any value in hunting or capturing these animals? What are the rewards? Do they threaten civilisation in any way? Are they likely to multiply in numbers or die out?

Quest starter: The animals of a local village have all been killed overnight and the villagers fear they will be next. They plead to the leaders of your city to find the culprit and end the danger that besieges them.


1. The tides are regular and predictable allowing settlements to exist safely along the rivers and coasts. Is there competition for the available living space? Are there any constraints on available resources? Are there any outside forces that seek to take advantage of this stability?

Quest starter: A group of sea gypsies has moved into the area. They are putting a strain on the local resources but insist they have no where else to go. Can you find a solution to their predicament before the locals take things into their own hands?

Elder Beings and Species

Elder beings originate from beyond space and time, older even than the gods and perhaps more powerful. Elder species are intelligent non-humans that developed culture and technology before any kind of human set foot in Sundaland.

2. Elder beings and species were banished from this world or mostly killed off in ancient times. They seek entrance or ascendance. For elder beings: How do they manifest in our world? How do they communicate their will and with whom? What is their ultimate goal? For elder species: What are they? Where do they live? What do they want? How will they go about getting that?

Quest starter: A previously dormant volcano has started emitting smoke again. The priests believe that dark forces are working to open up the gates to the netherworld. Is someone or something responsible, and if so, how can they be stopped?


In my next post I'll roll up some factions so that there are some chess pieces on the board as it were. Active participants in the world to bounce off.
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Sword & Sorcery in Southeast Asia during the last Ice Age: Lots of tools and resources to build your own setting.


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[Actual Play] - Elephant Queens & Tiger Kings
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2020, 06:54:23 PM »

Last time I said I was going to roll up some factions but I've decided to start the action outside of the city. So I'll create a character and jump right into the game.

I'm using the free game IronSworn RPG which can be played in solo mode. I'll play the rules as written, (although I should really substitute Bronze for Iron!). I'll also bring in other resources to help run the game as and when I see fit.

My character is named Kiakro and his stats are

Edge: 3 (Quickness, agility and prowess in ranged combat)
Heart: 1 (Courage, willpower, empathy, sociability, and loyalty)
Iron: 2 (Physical strength, endurance, aggressiveness, and prowess in close combat)
Shadow: 1 (Sneakiness, deceptiveness, and cunning)
Wits: 2 (Expertise, knowledge and observation)

I've decided my three starting assets are: Skirmisher (Spear handling), Waterborn (Knowledge of watercraft and travel) and Herbalist (Healing with herbal remedies)

I'm also adding the optional Fortune Hunter asset from the Delve supplement to track wealth. Sword & Sorcery settings often have protagonists who wish to enrich themselves so this asset will add to the atmosphere of the game.

That's it for now, let's play to find out what happens.


I wake up from a slap to the face. My friend Auko is looking down on me, a relieved smile on his face. I'm soaking wet, bruised and aching but otherwise unscathed. All I remember is a loud crash and our boat coming to a sudden halt. A breach in the hull, and a rush of water meant all had to abandon the craft.

Thank the gods that we weren't tied to our benches as so many rowers are. It was every man for himself, diving into the water and swimming for their lives. I can't even remember getting to the shore, but here I am, lying on a small rocky beach.

"We've got to get moving, this is our chance for freedom" Auko says.

There were 20 people in total on the boat. 10 rowers and the others consisted of the owners and some merchants. I wonder how many survived int total?

Roll 1d20. Result: 13 survivors. Including myself and Auko.

How many are rowers? Roll 1d10. Result: 3.

I'll decide that Auko and myself are the only people to be seen at the river bank right now, but the other survivors might come into play later.

Auoko helps me to my feet, we can see the boat some way off, one side raised in the air as it's taking on water. It must have struck a rock or perhaps a large tree trunk just below the surface. We hear some calls, it's time to escape into the jungle.

Face Danger with speed and agility (Edge).

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Edge (3) = 3 + 3 for a total of 6.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 4 and 4.

That's a strong hit and an opportunity because of the matching challenge dice.

I get +1 momentum

We are lucky to be so close to the trees and within moments we crash our way through the undergrowth into darkness of the forest. It doesn't seem like anybody saw us.

If we can sneak away from the other survivors without leaving a trail, then the others will assume we didn't make it out of the river alive.

Secure an Advantage with deception, stealth or trickery.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Shadow (1) = 2 + 3 for a total of 3.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 7 and 2.

A weak hit for a short lived advantage, +1 momentum.

We do our best to sneak off through the forest without leaving a trail, but after a little while we hear shouts behind us. It seems that if we're not careful we'll be found and caught. I look around to see if there's some way we can hide or otherwise lose our pursuers.

Gather Information with Wits.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Wits (2) = 4 + 2 for a total of 6.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 7 and 4.

The information complicates your quest or introduces a new danger, +1 momentum.

I'm not sure what the complication is so I roll on the Aspect and Focus oracle tables.  89, Dead and 2, Attack.

We're running across the forest floor when we see a figure up ahead, it's one of the men from the boat. He must have been carried further down river before coming ashore. He's clutching his side which is bleeding profusely. It doesn't looks like he will live much longer but he's standing in our way and is calling out to the others that he's found some runaways. I decide I need to take him out so I run towards him and attempt to roughly tackle him to the ground.

Normally he'd be a Troublesome foe which would take me 3 hits take down. But because he's outnumbered and so badly injured I think it will just take 2 to fill up his damage track after which I can attempt to end the fight.

Enter the Fray with Heart.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Heart (1) = 2 + 1 for a total of 3.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 4 and 3.

That's a miss but I decide to burn momentum to get a Strong hit and to get the Initiative. My momentum resets to +2 but because of the Strong Hit I get +2 raising my total momentum to +4.

I launch myself at the man and tackle him to the ground, I start punching him with all my might, aiming for his bleeding side as much as I can.

Strike with Iron.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Iron (2) = 6 + 2 for a total of 3.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 7 and 9.

A Weak Hit. I inflict damage but I lose initiative.

I get some good punches into the side of his chest which cause him to scream out in pain, but I can't get a good grasp on him. He wriggles out from under me and starts flailing at me.

Clash with Iron.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Iron (2) = 1 + 2 for a total of 3.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 2 and 2.

Strong Hit with an Opportunity.

I manage to get close to him and land more punches into his bleeding side, Auko rushes up behind him and muffles his mouth preventing him from crying out.

End the Fight. As mentioned earlier because he we was outnumbered and already dying I decided it would only take two hits to fill out his damage track (10 out of 10).

Roll 2d6: 5 and 3.

A strong hit.

Auko wraps his arm around the man's neck and squeezes until his body slumps to the ground. We hide him in the undergrowth as the calls of his friends draw closer. If we can make a run for it now we should be able to lose them in the vastness of the forest.

Secure and Advantage with Edge

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Edge (3) = 3 + 3 for a total of 6.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 6 and 2.

Weak Hit. We succeed but face a cost. I choose to Endure Stress, -1 to spirit to leave me at +4 Spirit.

Make the Endure Stress move.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Spirit (4) = 6 + 4 for a total of 10.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 3 and 4.

Strong Hit. I choose to embrace the darkness and get +1 momentum bringing me to 5 momentum.

Auko and I escape into the forest and the calls of the boatsmen is soon drowned out by the cacophony of the birds. I've been running on adrenaline for the past couple of hours and the fact that I had to wrestle with a man for my life and freedom has left me somewhat shaken.

As we walk we keep a look out for fruit or other edible plants.

Resupply with Wits.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Wits (2) = 3 + 2 for a total of 5.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 2 and 9.

A Weak Hit which means we can take +2 supply in exchange for 2 momentum (down to 3).

I have a d20 table with a list of fruits that I roll on (Plant, Animal, Mineral and other Resources of Sundaland). 2 and 15.

We find some Bay Berries and Rambutan. It's already dark under the jungle canopy but we can tell night is approaching so we decide to make a rudimentary shelter with some branches and large leaves.

Make Camp with Supply

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Supply (2) = 6 + 2 for a total of 8.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 4 and 3.

Strong Hit. I choose to take +1 Spirit bringing me back to 5 and +1 momentum bringing me up to 3.

As we build our shelter we discuss our plans for the next day. Our boat was headed down the river towards the sea and from there along the coast towards the City of Pearls. I've never been there but Auko has and he believes that is still in our best interest to head there. If we travel by river it should take us a couple of days to get there.

We take turns to sleep while the other holds watch. As I drift off I remember the stories I've heard of the riches of the City of Pearls I vow to reach the famed city and build a new life for myself there.

Swear a Vow.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Heart (1) = 4 + 1 for a total of 5.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 1 and 7.

Weak Hit. I'm determined but begin the quest with more questions than answers take +1 momentum.

I decide the Vow and Journey rank will both be Dangerous.
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Sword & Sorcery in Southeast Asia during the last Ice Age: Lots of tools and resources to build your own setting.


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[Actual Play] - Elephant Queens & Tiger Kings
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2020, 09:49:05 AM »
BTW, I'm happy for people to leave comments or ask questions.
Sword & Sorcery in Southeast Asia during the last Ice Age: Lots of tools and resources to build your own setting.


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[Actual Play] - Elephant Queens & Tiger Kings
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2020, 06:15:05 PM »

I wake up with a jolt, for a moment I've forgotten where I am. But it all comes flooding back to me. The sinking boat, the escape into the forest and the violent encounter with one of the boatsmen.

Auko is already awake, squatting under the shelter we made.

"You were restless in your sleep. Did you have bad dreams?"

I can't remember what I dreamt about but I know I'm not as rested as I would like to be.

But survival is at stake and it's time to find our way to the City of Pearls. We know that if we follow the river we should be able to get within its realm and hopefully there will be people to guide us the rest of the day.

It will be hard to follow right along the river bank because the forest grows dense along the water, but we should be able to gauge our general direction by following the undulations of the ground with it's gentle slope towards the water.

I trigger the Gather Information move and roll +Wits (+2).

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Wits (3) = 3 + 2 for a total of 5.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 1 and 4.

A Strong Hit, the way forward is clear and I gain +2 momentum.

We find the river nearby and get a feel for the lay of the land. We  set out with confidence.

Undertake Journey (Dangerous): 2 Progress per Waypoint. So we need 5 successes to reach the city (although we can try our luck at an earlier point).

I roll with Wits.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Wits (2) = 6 + 2 for a total of 8.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 10 and 5.

A Weak Hit. We reach a waypoint (2 out of 10 Progress) but suffer -1 supply.

We set out with confidence periodically checking to see if we are following the river as best we can. We travel all day with no issue because the rainforest floor is quite clear of plants and ferns. However we are hungry and eat some of the fruit we gathered before. We need to find some more food and it won't be easy without proper tools. We grew up in this type of environment but it takes time to make a spear or bow and time isn't something we have.

I roll for Resupply with Wits.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Wits (2) = 2 + 2 for a total of 4.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 1 and 5.

I burn my momentum resetting it to +2 in order to get a Strong Hit. This gives us +2 supply for a total of 3.

Auko and I keep our eyes open and we are in luck as we find...

I roll on the Food Staples, Fruit and Plant Resources tables found here Plant, Animal, Mineral and other Resources of Sundaland

...Lotus stems, Longan (a Lychee like fruit) and Cusur nuts (candlenuts). We have enough to feed our stomachs and some leftover which we carry in improvised satchels made from large leaves.

We rest for the night and continue on our journey the next day.

Undertake Journey, Roll with Wits.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Wits (2) = 5 + 2 for a total of 7.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 2 and 4.

A Strong Hit. We reach another waypoint (4 out of 10 Progress).

I'll ask the Oracle to help me envisage what is happening.

Location Oracle: Hill

We notice a steepening incline as we travel. But with no way to closely follow the river bank we must climb the hill in order to continue. Perhaps we'll be able to use this opportunity to get a view of the area.

When we reach the crest of the hill I decide to try and climb into a tree and see if I can get a better view of the surroundings. I'm fairly agile so I'm confident I'll be able to do this safely.

Face Danger, Roll with Edge.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Edge (3) = 5 + 3 for a total of 8.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 7 and 10.

A Weak Hit and not enough Momentum to burn! I succeed but face a troublesome cost. Out of the options I'll choose to Suffer -1 Momentum (I only have 1 Momentum now) and envision a delay, loss of advantage or new danger.

I ask the Oracle: Clash and Spirit.

It sounds like Auko and I might get into an argument.

I climb the tree with ease as far as I can, scaring a variety of birds and monkeys as I go. Auko shouts up to me to look if I can see where the land ends and the sky seems to come down further than it should. I don't really understand what he means but in any case I can only see the forest stretch out towards the horizon and he river snaking along into the distance.

Auko seems to get frustrated and keeps asking me if I can see water that stretches into the horizon but I don't quite understand what he means. Eventually he calls for me to come down where I see he has become somewhat despondent.

"I thought we would be closer to the big water by now. That's where the city is. I thought we could see it from here."

I'm confused asking him to clarify what he means by big water, a river?

"No the big water is where all the rivers lead to, it goes to the horizon and encircles the world."

I'm still not sure what to make of this.

Auko starts muttering to himself and starts pacing around in circles.

"Maybe we should go back, maybe we can find the other and plead for forgiveness. I don't think we can make it on our own after all!"

I'm going to have to try and calm him down.

I roll Compel + Heart (1)

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Heart (1) = 3 + 1 for a total of 4.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 6 and 1.

A Weak Hit. They'll do what I want and I get +1 Momentum but they ask something of me in return.

I manage to calm Auko down by reminding him how good he has been at getting this far and how the forest can provide all the food and water we need as long as we remember what our elders taught us.

This seems to satisfy him somewhat but he makes me promise him to...

Ask the Oracle: Seize, Prize help him raise his status to that of the highest chiefs because I owe him my life. I don't quite understand the request but will say anything to get him to calm down.

Satisfied that we will continue in the present direction we head onwards.

Undertake Journey, Roll with Wits.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Wits (2) = 3 + 2 for a total of 5.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 7 and 3.

A Weak Hit. Reach a Waypoint (6 out of 10 Progress) and suffer -1 Supply (we are at +2).

We journey for another full day, aside from the occasional light rain and humidity the conditions are fair. We make shelter for the night again.

BTW I'm not using the Make Camp move every night of this journey because the terrain is the same and we're both familiar with living in these type of surroundings.

Undertake Journey, Roll with Wits.

Action Die, Roll 1d6 + Wits (2) = 5 + 2 for a total of 7.
Challenge Dice, Roll 2d6 = 3 and 8.

A Weak Hit. We reach a Waypoint +2 Progress (8 out 10 Progress), -1 Supply.

The environment is starting to change. Something that I didn't appreciate from the top of the hill is that the trees are smaller here, and there are occasionally clearings and open areas where the sun can shine down. Perhaps we are reaching the edge of the forest?

I'm going to make the Reach Your Destination move. Although I think we still have some way to go to reach the city I think we might be entering its sphere of influence.

Progress on the Journey is 8 out of 10. I roll 1 4 and a 9, which is a Weak Hit. We arrive but face an unforseen hazard or complication.

I'm not going to ask the Oracle this time since I have a rough idea of what happening.

As we make our journey we realise that the clearings are manmade, these are the remnants of slashing and burning. A way to create areas for living and working. It's likely that we are entering an area that inhabited by people.

Just at the moment I become aware of this, I hear a threatening voice call out to us.
Sword & Sorcery in Southeast Asia during the last Ice Age: Lots of tools and resources to build your own setting.


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Re: [Actual Play] - Elephant Queens & Tiger Kings
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2020, 07:39:04 PM »
Last time Auko and Kiakro (my character) were travelling through the forest after having escaped our former captors. Auko is now attempting to take us to the City of Pearls where we can start a new life.

After several days travel we start noticing evidence of slashing and burning, fewer tall trees and more open spaces, this is evidence of a nearby settlement.

Suddenly a threatening voice calls out.

We both freeze. While the voice is speaking in an unfamiliar dialect we understand enough to know we must stop.

Is there only one person or are there more?

Ask the Oracle 50/50: 41

A single figure steps out form behind some tall ferns, holding a bow and arrow that's pointed right at us. He's wearing only bark-cloth shorts and a couple of feathered bands around his arms.

He asks us where we are from

Roll on the Disposition table: 77 Unfriendly

He's not happy to see us. It's sensible to be weary of strangers.

We hold up our hands to show we have no weapons with us and tell him we've escaped capture. The man cautiously comes closer.

We trigger the Compel move. Charm, Pacify or Banter

Action Die: Roll 1d6 + Heart (1) = 4 + 1 for a total of 5.

Challenge Dice: Roll 2d10 = 6 and 1.

Weak Hit, +1 Momentum

The man doesn't seem convinced but we decide to offer him the fruits and nuts we've collected along the way. We hold the food out in front of us and place it on a large leaf, then step back. It's not much but it's a universal gesture and all we have (-1 supply, we now have 0)

He steps forward slowly, lowers his bow and picks up what we left him, scooping it into a pouch he is wearing around his waist.

"What are you doing travelling through our territory? Where are you going?"

We explain that we're only passing through and that we are heading to the great city. As he is closer we are able to show him the scars on our body which indicate our cruel treatment while we were held captured and this seems to satisfy him to an extent.

"You may rest in our village, but you can't stay for long."

His bow is now lowered but the motions a direction for us to walk in. We walk for a short while until we get to a clearing where there are around ten small homes built with wood, bamboo and various grasses. There is one larger building in the centre. There are around fifty people, men women and children going about their business.

I'll ask the Oracle whether there is an issue that the villagers need help with. There must be a reason why the man was unfriendly yet decided to bring us to his village. 25% there's no issue, 75% there is.

90, yes there's something wrong.

Roll on the Settlement Trouble

Result: Rival Settlement.

I roll on the Action and Theme tables: Communicate, Risk

The people of the village notice us and the women start gather their children inside their homes. All the men rush up towards us but our guide tells them not to worry, that we're not from the the next village. He explains that there's been tension between the various people's of the lowlands. Over the past couple of months there's been increased competition for food and resources resulting in occasional clashes between both groups. Everyone is weary of strangers. However this village wants to make amends and would like to offer a gift to the nearby village.

They believe it's too dangerous for one of them to go but we could be a neutral party to open up communication. In exchange the villagers say they will provide us with food, escort us through their territory and point us in the right direction to the City of Pearls. We agree since we don't have any other options right now.

We trigger the Sojourn move.

Action Die: Roll 1d6 + Heart (1) = 6 + 1 for a total of 7
Challenge Dice: Roll 2d10 = 1 and 4.

Strong Hit: Take +2 Momentum and Provide Aid: Take a Quest +1 on swearing a vow.

We Swear a Vow to open up communication channels with the other village.

Make the Swear an Iron Vow move +1 (Heart) and +1 from Providing Aid.

Action Die: Roll 1d6 + Heart (1) + 1= 2 + 1 + 1 for a total of 4
Challenge Dice: Roll 2d10 = 3 and 2.

Strong Hit: It's clear what we must do +2 momentum.

I decide this is a Troublesome quest (the lowest difficulty). In the last game I made the Reach Your Destination move and got a weak hit. Normally I wouldn't play out a whole side-quest but I want to learn a bit more about the surrounding lowlands before I get to the city.

We agree to help the villagers. It seems they have a package that we need to deliver. It contains various wooden carvings which look like idols and what looks like some cinnamon sticks in bamboo containers, a valuable gift.

We eat with the villagers in the evening and sleep in a small hut as someone sits outside to watch over us. In the morning they give us some supplies (+2) and a guide will take us part of the way.

We set off in to the forest until we reach a river with a large tree trunk straddling across it. This marks the end of the villagers territory and the start of the neutral area. If we keep walking straight ahead we will reach the other tribe's area within half a day.

In stead of rolling separately for the Undertake a Journey move I'm going to treat the journey and the quest as the same Troublesome progress track.

Undertake a Journey

Action Die: Roll 1d6 + Wits (2) + 3= 5
Challenge Dice: Roll 2d10 = 1 and 9.

Weak Hit

We reach a waypoint and mark progress (3 out of 10) but suffer -1 supply.

We walk through the forest in the direction that we were pointed in. Talking loudly as we go in order to draw attention to ourselves, we don't want to seem like we're sneaking around.

We are successful as we hear shouts and soon we are surrounded by several men, pointing spears and bows at us. They're a little differently compared to the other tribe but their language is similar and just as understandable.

Roll on the Character Disposition table: 68 Demanding.

They are putting on a big display and demand to know who we are. Luckily the can see we are not from the other village and are strangers to this area.

As before the Compel move is triggered as we explain who we are and why we are here.

Action Die: Roll 1d6 + Heart (1) + 3= 4
Challenge Dice: Roll 2d10 = 2 and 3.

A Strong Hit. They do what we want or share what they know. Take +1 momentum (8 total).

They seem satisfied that we are not a threat and that we are indeed envoys from the other village. They decide to escort us to their village, which is only a short walk away.

I decide this counts as more progress on this Troublesome quest so we've reached 6 out 10.

When we arrive at the new village there are a group of elders waiting to greet us. They guide us into a circle and we present the gifts that we have brought. The village elders inspect the gifts and start a discussion amongst themselves. One of the elder women comes forward and speaks to us.

I'll roll on the Character tables to find out about them.

Role: 36, Priest
Descriptor: 62, Honest
Disposition: 34, Indifferent
Goal: 39, Restore a relationship

She tells us that they are satisfied with this offering of peace and that hostilities will cease. However we are to tell the other village that they must stay on their side of the river from now on.

With that done and still plenty of time left in the day we head back to the river with an escort where we are met by hunters from the first village. The two tribes confirm with each other that the exchange was satisfactory and we are brought back to where we started.

I will mark another 3 progress bringing us up to 9 out of 10.

I make the Fulfil Your Vow move.
Progress: 9
Challenge Dice:7 and 2.

Strong Hit.

The quest is complete and I mark 1 experience.

The elders of the first village that we encountered confirm with us and the hunters that the gifts were delivered and that a truce has been struck. They are grateful for our help and as promised they will provide us with supplies and a guide who will aid us on our travels.

After a night of rest we are provided with enough food to last us several days (back up to +3 supply) and we follow a guide on the final leg of our journey to the City of Pearls.
Sword & Sorcery in Southeast Asia during the last Ice Age: Lots of tools and resources to build your own setting.