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Author Topic: The Lost City of Eldarad (RuneQuest 3rd)  (Read 930 times)


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The Lost City of Eldarad (RuneQuest 3rd)
« on: January 20, 2007, 07:36:04 AM »
Hi all.

After putting our Sunday CoC on hiatus (I feel a bit tired with running horror games), and needed a break, I consulted with my group about what to do next. After some mail discussion, RQ was the most popular option, so I'm setting a campaign for it. I hope to use this thread as an account of what happens there.

I proposed them several (3) possible campaigns, and they selected Eldarad. Eldarad is a generic supplement for RQ that describes a huge, abandoned city which is explored and scoured by adventurers looking for tombs to loot, magical artifacts, and the like. The city was created by an unknown people, that left a lot of tombs around the city, full of riches. Not very different from Pavis & The Big Rubble, but for a detail: is very difficult either to arrive there or to abandon the city, as is very very far away from... well, any other civilized place. Many people come to the city looking for fortune, fail, and get suck there in misery, due to the prohibitive prize of travelling back to civilization. All the food must be imported, and many goods are scarce.

As for the setting, I'm using the setting of the Spanish sword & sorcery RPG Bribones (Rogues), a setting that blatantly rips-off from Fritz Leiber in an 80%, and Howard for the other 20% There's a city by the name of Gerada that is Lankhmar with the serial numbers filed off. The game is not bad (uses a very similar system to Aquelarre, for those interested), but RQ does it better. So, I save myself the work of thinking on a new setting, as the foundations of it (cultures, gods, and the like) are described. Also, it's quite easy to translate the info to RQ.

I'm going to send the players a campaign sheet detailing the special rules, character options and all that. I'll try to translate it to English and post it here ASAP.
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