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Author Topic: The Immortal Rome Campaign Actual Play  (Read 710 times)


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The Immortal Rome Campaign Actual Play
« on: October 14, 2006, 05:22:45 PM »
From Sept 6, 2005:

On Sunday at last we managed to play our first game of the Immortal Rome campaign (since the week before had been entirely consumed by developing the lengthy prior histories of the PCs).
The game went very well indeed. It started with some gladiatorial combats, as two of the players were currently acting as gladiators, and the adventure happened to start during the games of Marcellus (in 23 bce).
Jong's character was more or less the star of the first half of the adventure, as he politicked his way through the imperial court, lobbying and succesfully gaining the brand spanking new title of Praetorian Prefect, the Praetorians having only just been invented. He had already set himself up as a loyal member of the camp of Marcus Agrippa, and a political opponent of Marcellus, something that seemed a bad idea at that time, but some advice from the immortal Cassandra (in the guise of the Tiburine Sybil) convinced Jong that Marcellus was on the way out and Agrippa would once more rise into prosperity.
Meanwhile, Agrippa was in semi-retirement in Greece, and Adrianna's character managed to catch his eye, as she was something of curiousity, a female charioteer.  Agrippa, always the ladies man, is charmed by her, and makes her his regular chauffeur. Later on, Adrianna runs into and duels a Persian immortal who has a long-held hate-on for all greeks, and she manages to take his head.
The second half of the adventure shifted to be more about Carlos' character, an african doctor.  Marcellus has fallen mysteriously ill, and a colleague of Carlos' PC calls him in, in desperation.  Carlos is the first in the campaign to use a "flashback point", to experience a scene several decades earlier where he faced a similar "illness", which was in fact a deadly poisoning.   He tries very hard to cure Marcellus, including a comical scene where he and Alejo's PC have to try to extract some venom from a deadly asp, but in the end nothing he does helps Marcellus get any better. Its a huge mystery, especially since Marcellus is getting such good and close loving care from Livia (the Emperor's wife and Marcellus' adopted stepmother).
After Marcellus' death, the roman mob riots and demands a return to the republic. In the disturbances that follows, a powerful Germanic immortal who was in the gladiator pens escapes, and confronts Eduardo's character. They duel, and Eduardo takes his head.
To stop the riots, Augustus is forced to visit Agrippa, and plead with him to return to Rome and restore order (only Agrippa has the popularity and the contact network to do so without massive bloodshed). Agrippa agrees, but his price is the matrimonial hand of Julia, Augustus' daughter and Marcellus' widow.
The adventure was great fun for all concerned.

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