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Author Topic: Tables and Tools for a Bronze Age to Antiquity Sword & Sorcery Setting  (Read 140 times)


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For the past couple of years I've been creating tables and tools for a setting based in Southeast Asia during the last Ice Age (I'm calling it Elephant Queens & Tiger Kings). While my particular preference is towards a "Bronze Age Sword & Sorcery" feel these resources can be used for a variety of settings.

My intention for this project was always to create resources that empower people to create their own setting. I don't want people to feel like they have to read pages and pages of history and lore to get involved. I want people to play to find out what happens and shape the world as they go.

Here's a selection of the resources I've created.

Answer 12 Questions to define your world. Useful for any pre-cataclysmic ancient world settings. Includes adventure seeds.

Random Sundaland Culture Generator: For determining the features of ancient world cultures.

RPG Faction Generator: Priest castes, cults, secret organisations or city councils. Whatever you wish.

Cultural Flavour Tables: Discover the unique features of the cultures you encounter.

City Generation: Create the features of the cities you visit.

Population of Cities, Towns, Villages: Determine the population by settlement distribution in your ancient land.

Tables of food staples, spices, precious metals, plant or fruits (Southeast Asia). What do you discover at the local market?

14 Adventure seeds that are appropriate to ancient worlds.
Sword & Sorcery in Southeast Asia during the last Ice Age: Lots of tools and resources to build your own setting.