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In one D&D game I play, we can capture the souls of monsters we defeat and then use them in an arena to fight other teams and win loot. The teams are 3 vs 3.

Problem: it takes fucking forever to resolve. We tried a few things but it's not working really well. It's fucking boring for those not involved.

The DM is considering dropping the whole arena thing but since he invested so much time in it, I'm gonna try to save it by creating a quick resolution system for it.

Basic idea: you find the average of each combat stats for your team (AC, HP, BAB of the main attack, etc) and you check a few tables (one for each stat) and you get a modifier.

Then each team rolls a d20+mods and the higer result win. Best of 3 or best of 5 would be good.

This is still a work in progress since I thought about it a few hours ago :)

Make sense?

Maybe you could steal the D&D miniatures system, which is slightly streamlined D&D.  Hits do a set amount of damage in 5 pt. increments, and a few other changes which escape me right now.  

All of the miniatures have D&D stats do it wouldn't be hard to reverse engineer, and many of the monsters would have already have stats somewhere.  

But 3 really big monsters would still take a while, not as fast as what you propose, but still room for tactics.  Maybe if you dropped it to 1 on 1?

I don't have the mini book.

At first, his original plan was that 1 player controlled all the monsters (without help from the other players. If we spoke, he gave bonuses to the opponents) do a 2 out of 3 battles. Took too long. So he switched to only 1 round. Still, the rest of us got really bored. So now everybody control a monster.

1 on 1? That could work.

With most miniature games and the like, the money is with the figs, and they give away the rules.

You can find the mini rules here:

Thanks, I'll check it out.


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