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Author Topic: Playtest the Iapetus Fantasy Role-Playing Game  (Read 267 times)


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Playtest the Iapetus Fantasy Role-Playing Game
« on: August 14, 2007, 11:22:37 AM »
Hi all, I have been a avid paper rpg player for nearly 18 years.

I would like to introduce a new D20 system titled Iapetus Fantasy RPG to everyone. It can be download free at this link.

You can adapted it into your campaigns or use the ideas in it to lend ideas and creativeness to your existing campaigns or playtest Iapetus.

Thanks and best regards

Character Stats can be rolled here.

The Iapetus FRPG have several unique and innovative game mechanism in this D20 System.

1) All Player Characters have the same initial number of points in their stats. Only importancy of the attributes are attached to a Iapetus Status. Player Characters (PCs) have to decided which attributes or stats they would like to attach importancy to it. It is still random however to give a sense of fun.

2) A player or monster may roll 1 dice to determine all outcomes but as they advanced, they may roll additional dices and choose the better rolls. For example, Loma reached 300% in morale and he gained six sense, and he gained an additional d20 to roll for hits (Roll at the same time). Instead of moaning over a natural failure, he can choose the 2nd dice. No more freak deaths. Instead, Iapetus focus on character development and PCs can become heroic characters. Fancy a famous fighter due to his experience, he had never been hit before in his life, all due to superior fighting finess or luck. Class Mastery allows the character to gain more dice roll in his or her field of specialty.

3) In Iapetus, Magic and Warrior Class are almost the same. Since attack magic can miss. Magic classes may have bluffs but Warrior Class may have speed and high evade rolls.

4) Recovery system. In Iapetus, all classes can recover LF, SF, MP every round if they use more than 10. It is to encourage PCs to lend a helping hand to their companions. LF wil recover = Sta, SF recover = Spirits, MP = Magic Strength, the usage of Magic Skills and techniques are relative cheap. Classes can crossover or multi their feats.

5) Having three types of Attack and Defense just by rolling a single d20.
For example,
Evade / Block % to dodge an normal attack
Divide by 5/ is the chance to dodge an Auto Hit Attack + 1-2
1-2 + Luck, a PCs can even dodge a Tremendous Hit with lucky rolls. But it is not all luck. With multiple rolls and choose the better ones after rolling, and at least a 10% chance to dodge the most powerful of all attacks, including magic, Iapetus gives the PCs a fighting chance against powerful monsters even if they are overpowered - Simply by looking at the damage - "I know i will die if that Dragon would to hit me, it is so monstrous. But who knows, I may be luck." It encourages Players to take the chances.

6) Skill Based Speciality skills to encourage the GMs to create techniques and Skills.

7) Can be adapted into any campaign or simply to give inspiration. After all, it is free.

Cheers to all gamers!


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Playtest the Iapetus Fantasy Role-Playing Game
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2007, 05:55:25 PM »
I took a quick look at it. Any comments here, reagardless of how negative they may sound, are only meant to be constructive criticism and not personal attacks or slights against you in any way.

Judging by the writing, I'm guessing that English isn't your first language. You may want to get a native English speaker to help you edit most of the text. As it stands it is pretty hard to read.

The layout is also pretty bad. It's hard to follow columns and such on charts and many paragraphs or entries aren't clearly delineated. If it's hard to read the game, there isn't much chance of me really getting into the meat of it.

A lot of what is written doesn't make sense. I couldn't understand what you are trying to get across. Even though you may be targeting RPG veterans with the game, you need to write as if your audience had never heard of RPGs before in their life. Spend more time describing the rules and steps of character generation in more detail. Again, pretend like you are addressing someone who is totally unfamiliar with RPG concepts. Right now, I get the impression that you know exactly what you are talking about with all the system mechanics, but your ideas aren't very well expressed to an outsider.

If you want more feedback on particular issues, try posting a question or comment only addressing one particular aspect of the game (like generation of ability scores). Try to explain your system in as much detail as possible so that we really grasp what you are saying, and then perhaps we can offer opinions.

In conclusion, I'm sorry if any of my comments sounded overly harsh, I'm only trying to be honest and give constructive criticism.

Good luck with your game!