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Starting Up A New Roleplaying Publisher


So what do I need to have in terms of finances to start up a Roleplaying game company?

Let's say I have $100,000 to invest in starting up a new company, what would I need to cover in terms of staffing and taking control of Intellectual Property and so on?

For instance I don't want to do any of the work but I'm happy to come up with the overall ideas and let other more talented people do the heavy lifting and let them do what they want to do.

What people and skillsets do I need in the company to make it work?

Thinking about it a bit more I could probably set up the business and allow people to invest in it and then use those funds to buy out existing Intellectual Property's and then publish new editions. As an example buy out Shadowrun from CGL and get it fuckong right.

After further thought I will get the business side of things set up here in my country this year, I'm not in the US, and then look at launching the publishing side of things next year with the goal of having all the information about sales, finances, legal contracts etc all documented here so that people can see the steps you have to go through and what needs to be done to publish in the RPG business.

My goal will be total honesty and really just to see if I can do it.

I'm going to put a $10k limit on my investment in this business, but will look at selling shares in the future so that people can have a piece of this beautiful train wreck.

I'm going to call the business Touch Your Toes Entertainment Ltd.

This is going to be pretty hilarious 😂


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