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Sci-fi resources?


About 25 years ago I wrote a PnP ruleset because I was sick in the head. Lately I realized I grew even more insane, so I dug out some handbooks forsaken into my mind and started to update it, modernize it.
I've been gathering plenty of material to investigate upon, from Traveller and Aftermath! to the latest Cyberpunk where everyone is good and they all hug and love each other (I love having a friend who owns a hobbies shop), what I totally couldn't find in decent quality and amount is tools. There're map creators and dungeon designers everywhere, for fantasy games. Sci-fi got the shaft. Not even sky is the limit, yet there's so very little to encourage the creativity.
I'll take any kind of suggestions, from "I've used this planetary map maker" (the obvious reason to exist of the thread) to "I always loved these rules from that game, take a look at them" (which never hurts).

Kahoona: has some good stuff for World and Solar System Generation. I think it "Kinda" uses some real sciences when generating things. But I agree, not a lot of good resources out there. In most games, I run for Sci-Fi or even modern settings I'm forced to use subpar map-generators or make my own assets to play. I

Is it me or is that generator only capable of creating pangeas?

Are ProFantasy tools as "Pro" as they advertise they are?

Never tried the pro stuff and I've had luck creating continents before. But after testing it a few times yea. I only got a single map with 2 continents.



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