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Author Topic: Looking for TTRPG Cartographer  (Read 358 times)


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Looking for TTRPG Cartographer
« on: April 28, 2022, 11:05:59 PM »
Publishing house "Radio James Games" seeks a Canadian table-top role-playing game artist who specalises in cartography to commission from them a a full-colour double-page spread city map in fulfillment of a stretch goal from our recently successful Kickstarter Fight to Survive: Role-playing Martial Arts Meets Heart. This is paid, of course. The one caveat is the artist must be from Canada. Canadians don't always get a fair shake in an international market dominated by the Internet, so I'm on a mission to keep the whole team Canadian. Of course, I'm always looking to diversify my team as well.

Interested parties please apply with a letter of interest and a link to your portfolio to

For more information on the project, and to see if it's style is right for you, please visit the Kickstarter page at or visit our website at

Thank you,

//James Kerr
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