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Author Topic: [questionnaire] R&D + AI to improve audio experience in online rpg platforms  (Read 457 times)


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Hi folks,

a colleague and I have been working on developing new tools and technologies to improve audio immersion and user experience using different apps.

One of the branches where we are working is online roleplaying platforms (e.g. Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc). We consider that there is quite a lot  room for improvement in that kind of platform when it comes to audio quality and effects: things like real-time voice modulation for differents characters, environment effects like echo in a cave or reberberation in a church, spatial audio (without beeing necessary to have expensive Apple headphones), high resolution audio and noise cancelation using neural networks, etc.

We have developed some tools, and are working in an market study. In order to have better understanding of the user needs, we'd need that users of this kind of platforms to fill a questionarie with a few questions about uses and needs.

I'd appreciate if those of you that use this kind of apps fill the questionnarie. It takes only 5 minutes, and is annonymous.

Thanks a lot :)


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Cool idea, I hadn't thought of using voice modulators. That's one thing that could be really useful as a DM who doesn't have much vocal performance range.