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Programs for publishing on DrivThru RPG and others


Has anyone here published either modules or rules systems on DriveThruRPG or another online or smaller publisher?  Which document/book programs did you use or seem to be standard?  Thanks.

DTRPG has ebooks on formatting PDFs for compatibility, and they are helpful. :-D

I use InDesign, but people use all kinds of things to write with (Word, Google Docs, LIbre Office, Scrivner...). You just need a way to turn that into a compatible PDF (Foxit Pro seems like a nice option... I use Adobe myself with Creative Suite).

DTRPG tends to be very helpful and quick to respond. They make it pretty easy to sell on the site.

I don't have experience with other platforms.

Serif makes Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher are pretty low cost and effective.


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