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Author Topic: Primeval Thule Narratives & adjustments in Mini Six & Open D6  (Read 202 times)


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Primeval Thule Narratives & adjustments in Mini Six & Open D6
« on: January 15, 2020, 02:25:04 AM »
I was working on these for my Mini Six Palace of the Silver Princess Primeval Thule game (three great tastes that taste great together!). Should work well for D6 in many Swords & Sorcery settings. I made some adjustments to weapons & armour stats for a more Ancient World feel, eg bows are a bit less effective.


Racial Perks
Atlantean (1) You're long lived (about 50% more lifespan than lesser men), +1 pip to Courage, Lore & Language skills. You start play with either 500 gold, or a +1 steel weapon. Your maximum Wit is 4D+1.
Dwarf (1): You're long lived, you can see in the dark, you receive +2 pips to smithing or any other craft skill and +2 pips to Courage. Your maximum Might is 4D+1 but your maximum Agility is 3D+2. You start play with a steel (+1) weapon, +1 steel mail armour, or a +1 shield.
Elf (1): You're long lived, you can see in the dark, you receive a +1 on all ranged attack skills. Cannot be magically Charmed or Sleeped. You are Immune to ghoul fever. Your maximum Agility is 4D+1 but your maximum Might is 3D+2. You have access to Silver weapons & armour (as iron), and may begin play with a silver mail cuirass or silver weapon.

Heroic Narratives & Benefits
Atlantean Noble: Urgent Command - on your turn you may spend a Hero Point to allow one ally within 30' to make a single melee or ranged weapon attack, with full dice.
Bearer of the Black Book: Remembrance - you may spend a Hero Point and 1 round studying the Black Book to recover up to 3D of Magic.
Beast Friend: Animal Rapport. You may spend a Hero Point and use 1 Action to charm any non-monstrous animal, or to call local animals to your vicinity, potentially disrupting enemies (opposed Animal Handling vs Courage).
Dhari Hunter: Hunter's Strike. You may use a Hero Point when making an attack against an opponent who has not acted yet, or is who unaware of you, to get both +6 to hit and damage (instead of choosing one). As normal, up to 3 HP may be spent on one roll.
Freeblade: Opportunist. You may spend 1 HP to make a free melee attack (at full dice) against an adjacent opponent on their turn, before or after they act.
Golden Corsair: Inescapable Strike - You may spend one Hero Point after making an attack or damage roll, to add +6 to that roll.
Guardian of the Nine: Perfect Clarity - You may spend (only) one Hero Point after making any Wit or Charm roll, to add +6  to that roll.
Ice Reaver: Reaver's Charge. In the first round of combat you may spend one HP to get +6 to initiative, +30' extra movement, and +6 to your first melee attack roll that round.
Initiate of Mysteries: Healing Blessing. You may spend one HP and use an Action to heal yourself or an ally with a touch. The target has their Wound Level reduced by one; a Wounded (-1d6) character is fully healed (ie heals 2 levels/ignoring Stun level).
Jungle Trader: Estimate Value. You may spend one HP to fully identify one magic or mundane item. You may also spend one HP per transaction to buy or sell at a +50% bonus.
Katagian Pit Fighter. Resuscitating Action. On your turn you may spend one HP when Severely Wounded, Incapacitated, or Mortally Wounded, to reduce your Wound Level by one. This does not use an Action.
Myrmidon: Inspiring Call. You can spend 1 HP on your turn to give all allies within 30' +1D on all attack rolls and Courage rolls, until the end of their next turn.
Occult Scientist. Metaphysics. You can spend a HP to add +6 to a Magic roll after the roll has been made. Up to 3 Hero Points may be spent on the roll, as usual. This also increases any damage inflicted by the spell by the same amount.
Panjandrum. Panjandrum's Example: You may spend 1-3 Hero Points to add +6 to +18 to another character's roll, not just your own.
Quodethi Thief: Thief's Feint. When you spend 1 or more HP on an attack roll, you also do +2 to the damage roll per HP spent, and you may move up to 30' after the attack.
Sacred Slayer: Slayer's Strike. When you spend 1 or more HP on an attack roll, you also do +2 to the damage roll per HP spent, or +6 damage if the target is a special enemy of your god.
Star-Lore Adept: Potent Lore. When you spend 1-3 Hero Points to boost a Magic roll or spell damage roll, you add +10 per HP spent (max +30). "Unlimited ...Power!!"
Tribal Outcast: Isolated Action. When you spend one or more Hero Points on a melee or missile attack, and no one else is adjacent to the target, you get +6 to both the attack roll and the damage roll (max +18).

House Rules
Turn Order
Initiative is by Agility as standard, but roll first then declare actions in order of initiative when acting, and turns are iterative, do not reroll Agility after the first round.

Shields add +4 to Block/Parry, not to Soak
Block Limit = 1 attacker/weapon per limb, plus any scale dice bonus (eg Scale +4D = can Block +4). When successfully Blocking a weapon attack, the defender still takes half damage if their Scale is equal to or lesser than the attacker.
Parry Limit = 1 attacker/weapon per weapon and/or shield (but a zweihander sword can Parry 2), plus any scale dice bonus. A successful Parry vs Brawl attack inflicts full damage (as per the optional combat system).
Can only Block or Parry missile weapons with a Shield (or an appropriate Spell or Perk), but the number that can be Blocked or Parried from the front is unlimited.
Static Dodge applies vs all attacks that the defender is aware of.
Full Dodge is a Dodge roll good against all attacks (even ones they are unaware of) until the dodger's next turn. The TN becomes their Dodge roll (or their static dodge score if lower) + any range modifier.

Hero Points
Hero Points can add +6 to D/B/P/s static defences per HP (max +18), as well as to dice rolls.
A Hero Point 'lucky break' must concern the PC's background, eg the apparently hostile NPC is an old friend, or the runes are in a language the PC has encountered before. Player should suggest an appropriate lucky break, the GM can add complications, or deny if wholly inappropriate.

Ability Caps
Maximum PC Attribute achievable is 5d6. Maximum PC Skill achievable is 10d6. Hero Points still apply, so effective maximum roll is 5d6+18 (ie an average of 35-36) or 10d6+18 (ie an average of 53!).
Likewise the maximum static defence prior to HP & other bonuses is Attributex3 (so Soak 5x3=15 plus armour) or Skillx3 (so Dodge, Block & Parry 10x3 = 30 plus shields etc). HPs spent still apply, up to +18 as normal (Soak 15+18=33, D/B/P 30+18=48).

Unarmed Combat
A character with no skill in Brawling halves their total Might damage (including any Wild Die bonus) in unarmed combat, unless using an improvised weapon, gauntlets, knuckleduster etc.

Armour Dodge Penalty
Armour reduces Static & Active dodge by an amount equal to half its Armour score, rounded down. Eg Armour 5 > -2 Dodge.

Thulean Weapons Damage
Axe, Great axe (2h) M+3D+1
Axe, war axe or Axe-Mace (1h) +2D (2h) M+2D+1
Club (1h) M+1D
Hatchet M+1D+1
Knife M+1D
Mace M+1D+1, +2 damage vs armour
Staff (2h) M+1D+2
Spear, War Spear (1h) M+2D (2h) M+2D+1
Sword, Long (1h) M+2D (2h) M+2D+1
Sword, Short (1h) M+2D
Sword, Great (2h) M+3D+1
Warhammer, 2h M+3D
Morningstar or Great Club M+3D
Bow. Heavy. Might +2D
Bow, Light. Agility +1D
Crossbow 4D+1
Javelin (thrown) M+1D+2

Ranges in Feet (S +0/M +5/L +10)
Bow 30/100/300
Crossbow 50/100/200
Javelin 30/120/-
Hatchet 20/60/-
Knife 10/30/-

Leather or Gambeson +2 Soak, -1 Dodge
Leather Cuirass +3 Soak, -1 Dodge
Scale or Lamellar +4 Soak, -2 Dodge
Iron Mail Cuirass +5 Soak, -2 Dodge
Bronze Cuirass +7 Soak, -3 Dodge
Shield +4 Block/Parry
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