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Levi Kornelsen:
Okay, Pundit, I'll take you on, seriously, if you're interested.  I propose these terms.

1) Grit out front.  I'll front up the things I think about gaming that I think you'll find objectionable, straight-up, upon your acceptance of these terms; there's enough for a good fight.  If you have thoughts you think I'll find objectionable, you'll do the same.

2) No holds barred, no shirking.  I'll answer every question about gaming that you put to me honestly.  I'll expect the same courtesy.  No other courtesies are expected by either party, but may be given as seen fit.

3) Just you and me.  You'll delete all posts to this thread except your and mine.

4) No crying to momma.  Neither of us posts about this anywhere but here until we get to ten pages or one of us is convinced.  Others may do so as desired.

5) Turns in order.  You post, I post, you post, and so on.

6) Ten rounds only.  At 100 posts exactly, the thread ends and is locked for good.  Yes, that means you get the last go.


Besides the fact that I'm not entirely clear what you're proposing here, (that we tell each other what we think the other one will dislike about our views on gaming? Is that it??), I'm not convinced that this is a good place to do this, since the Moderation have made it crystal clear that this forum is nothing more than a joke forum.


PS: Especially considering that they will apparently shut this forum down at their whimsy, meaning that the thread will probably be lost.

PPS: I'm not saying I won't have some kind of debate with you, if that's what you're looking for. I'm just saying that this place, being a joke, doesn't strike me as the place to do it.

Levi Kornelsen:
I'll tell you all my 'Swinish' opinions.  You can take a shot at knocking them down for all to see, and I have to respond or look stupid.  If you have any opinions I want to knock down, I can attempt the same.

The Moderators here want to be entertained.  It'll be bloody enough for them, I expect, and, at the same time, I believe that you can trust me just far enough to believe that I'm not playing some kind of elaborate joke at your expense.  If they like, someone can start a "popcorn" thread on the side to make comments, and they can get their kicks that way, too.

I find that a worthy opponent is worth the trip.  You?

Hreidmar :
An actually serious conversation with give and take would be a wonderful thing.  And perhaps could act as a lesson for the swine and pundits.  A good thread can always be moved to a different forum and saved.

Trust me unless these forums get really, really bad their going to stick around for at least a week or two.

I'll do it, since it'll be interesting to me, and will set a good example. The problem with having a humourous thematic to a webforum is that it can easily slip into "pointless joking for its own sake", where you just mock everything and anything openly without allowing any discussion or debate free of mockery.

That'd be a TERRIBLE waste of a site like this, and I fear that this is what I see it de-evolving into right now.  A place where the censorship isn't in the form of fanatic mods banning people like you guys do over at, but rather a place where nothing productive can be done because any discussion is met with  non-productive mockery (ie. mockery that presents no counterpoint other than "don't be so serious, man"!), often goaded on by the mods themselves.

So yea, I'll do it. You may begin, since you're the challenger.


EDITed PS NOTE TO EVERYONE READING THIS: Since this thread has just been moved to the main Roleplaying forum frmo the "pundit's parlour" I will ask that you please be considerate and abstain from writing entries in this thread until we've completed the Disputation. The Nutkins already said that they'd delete them if you did, so you'd only be making them work more, and disrupting the flow of the debate. There are a number of threads that have been started by others to discuss this thread, usually with the header [popcorn] in front of it. Please put comments on those threads or start a new [popcorn] thread. Thank you.


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