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My closing statement:

This thread has been good for telling me more about you personally as a gamer, Levi. And I've come to the conclusion that you're a thoroughly decent guy, and that you're probably a good and consciencious gamer/GM.

I've also come to wonder how the FUCK you got mixed in with the rest of the Forge-gang. You and a couple of others, who seem mostly reasonable guys. Likewise, why you persist at this point to keep (fruitlessly; IMO) working in that context when so much of it is so clearly and by your own admission contrary to your own stated goals and interests, one must wonder why you'd fight the tide in this way.

Some have suggested that I was hamstrung in this argument by the very fact that you are seen as a reasonable human being, and thus not an "honest broker" for your side of the argument, that you lack the extreme pretentiousness of others in the area of Gaming Theory, or certainly of most of the other mods.  But I don't really see that as a disadvantage for me; first of all, its just the way it is; most of the other types wouldn't have had either the balls, or the mental capacity, or the  overall disposition to engage in this kind of debate with me. Second, even if they had it wouldn't have been much more than them screaming at me and me mocking them for 100 posts, and what the fuck would have been the point of that?!
But finally, you were a contrast that worked to my benefit.  Pretty much everyone recognized right away that the entire debate was only possible BECAUSE you were more moderate than the Swine, and that strengthened my point about the rest of them.  At one point I said that you're a token; sort of their Colin Powell, and like Powell, or the Black Republican Senator or whatever, you ultimately end up working against the public image you're supposed to better, because you only serve to highlite what an absolute anachronism and ill-suited figure you are in contrast to the rest of the group.
Your moderate nature only serves to highlite the extremity of the rest of your group. The very fact that you admit occasional forays into "wank-land" as you put it only emphasizes how many of your fellow Forgeites or RPG.netters are permanent citizens of that foul kingdom.

To close; one could say of this thread that never was so much written by so few about so little of importance.  Except, of course, on or the Forge.


Closing statements have been made.

The management of Nutkinland would like to thank both participants for this thread, it has proved interesting to watch evolve.

The thread will now be locked. At some point in the near future, we intend to archive it, and perhaps offer it in PDF format for anyone who wishes to review it. for now, it will remain locked and sticky'd in the general forum.


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