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Pathfinder 2e- "Tome of Psionics" revision and expansion.


I want your help. I need your perspective. I need your logic... I NEED YOUR BRAIN.
I am writing the Revision of the "Tome of Psionics" for Pathfinder 2e, and I am looking for intelligent analysis and input.

* ONE. You Must have played PATHFINDER 2E and be able to answer rules questions. You must have KNOWLEDGE.
* TWO. If you are going to be a dick YOU MUST HAVE A SOLID SUPPORTED ARGUMENT. aka You must be WISE.
* THREE. If you complain about PF2E content in my book, such as repeated rules from the core rulebook, you will be dismissed.
* FOUR. The purpose is to improve my book and make it better. to do that You must be SMART.
For this purpose, volunteers will get a google download link for a free copy of the OLD BOOK and I will be sharing JPEGs of new pages I am writing here. You will read and offer your comments here for all to see.

Are there any ABLE and WILLING to help me in this project? say aye.


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