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Author Topic: My Legion Campaign  (Read 632 times)


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My Legion Campaign
« on: October 19, 2006, 05:17:06 PM »
From today's blog entry:

As for my campaign, in the end I'm still more a fan of the original, first Legion comic series than any other.  So about 80% of my Legion campaign is based on that series.  That said, in our campaign thus far we've started in the Legion's 2nd year of existence (the first adventure was when Ultra Boy joined the legion), and I decided to incorporate the idea that the U.P. really didn't trust the Legion. Not because the U.P. was a youth-repressing regime like in the new series, but because the legion was an extra-governmental private organization founded by R. J. Brande (richest man in the galaxy), and the U.P. didn't know if this was just a potentially dangerous publicity stunt by the old man, or a harmless hobby, or something more sinister on his part.   Likewise, there's a few other areas where I've made some changes, mostly to try to tie up some of the inconsistencies that had built up in the original comic series over the years.  I've decided not to use either a 20th century superboy or supergirl in my game; I've decided to use Valor instead of Mon-El (though he has gone undercover once using the name "Mon-el"), and the Gandian Worlds concept used in the 4th volume of the original series; and replaced the 20thC Supergirl/Laurel Gand/Andromeda figure with a Supergirl of the 30th century who is the most visible descendant of the 20th Century -El and Gand families.

So far, my players have had great fun fighting the space-pirates, the Meglaro-Landro gang, facing an android that had been created by Lex Luthor as his final revenge against Superman (only to have been activated, by accident, far too late), suffered at the deaths of Kid Quantum and Lightning Lad, fought the Jungle King and his Legion of Supermonsters, faced Roxxas the Butcher, and stopped the invasion of the Khunds under Zaryan the Conqueror. Plus they had to face various political and media figures that were trying to use anti-Legion sentiment for political or public gain (only after stopping Zaryan is the Legion finally starting to win the public and government trust), run hilarious Legion try-outs, and other zaniness.

And most fun of all, I've gotten to play two archetypal NPCs that rank among my absolute favourite characters: Matter Eater-Lad, and Braniac 5.

And of course, my Braniac 5 is a scheming arrogant sonofabitch. As the magic deer intended.

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