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Author Topic: my homebrew game Zombie Survivor RPG  (Read 200 times)


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my homebrew game Zombie Survivor RPG
« on: December 02, 2022, 06:02:47 PM »
Hey everyone!!

New here to the forum.  So I home brewed my own Zombie Apocalypse game.  I spent a while trying to find one that I actually liked, but most were just either way too complicated or I just didn't like the game mechanics.   I found a couple games online that I ended up just frankensteining bits and pieces from and made a simple game out  of that is a straight forward and simple RPG.   I would just like to get some feedback on the game.  I am planning to upload some more expansions and adventure modules to the site in the new year.  But I am going to take a break from writing it during the holiday season.

you can find the game in the downloads section on my website here:

Thanks for reading this and I hope to further discuss any ideas or feedback from people!! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!