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Title: Mixing from Sources
Post by: soundchaser on July 04, 2022, 04:32:20 PM
Weird idea.

Thinking of a game that mixes some ideas from some odd sources. I’m kitbashing to achieve a theme and experience. Aims:

Obstacles are not physical conflicts
Key goal: reach final destination in a specified personal state (the idea is that XP has an impact on virtues, I.e. strengths in the interior)

I’m hovering over a few sources. Not to adopt but to think about the core issue and the way a system solved that.

Example: Ticket to Ride: travel with card set collecting. Some stab your opponent opportunities. VP linked to distance. Go farther. Win. Complete secret goals for bonuses (typically doubled VP value of shortest linkages).

Dungeon World: the level-up is tied with non-activity, such as being at base camp or in town. Some games like Conan-esque, grant CP for carousing. Pirates for example.

Connection: here there are varied options, like pre-built relationships or tacit ‘party cohesion’ sorts of things (niche classes need each other for example). In this game the players all play one character that must talk or otherwise relate to npc’s. It’s sort of Gumshoe 1-on-1 but with players running different character aspects (mind, body, soul, traits etc).

Non-physical: some games punish fighting (lethal combat or deeds to death like Cthulhu Dark). This game won’t feature physical fighting but will have to physical deterioration from other factors. There’s a nifty approach to this in Torchbearer.

Any things come to mind on these issues? I am simply scrounging around at this point. Figured collective experience would be handy.

Title: Re: Mixing from Sources
Post by: Ruprecht on July 14, 2022, 02:20:41 PM
I could be wrong but I think in Conan type games you don't  earn XP for carousing, you earn XP for killing things or collecting treasure, the carousing is just required to cash them in and use those XP to level up.