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Author Topic: Magic Items  (Read 173 times)


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Magic Items
« on: December 03, 2022, 09:03:03 AM »
Magic Items -

It's always fun designing magic items. These are mostly intended for 5e or Adnd. I was reading some old school adnd magic items and wanted to make some as well. Wrote these up with a friend of mine.

Airtrap Flask

This small flask looks like an empty potion bottle. However, should you uncork it a small stream of air will continuously move into it.
If an air-like creature or spell are within 20 feet of the uncorked bottle, it will be dragged into the bottle with the cork automatically reattaching (if the cork is lost a new one will be conjured by magic). The contents of the potion will then take on a misty appearance.
If multiple possible targets are in range only the closest are affected.
The creature will remain in the bottle conscious, but in a trance like lethargic state. It will only be dimly aware of its surroundings. It cannot take actions.
If the flask is uncorked at a later date the creature or spell will escape and immediately reform or take effect, centered at the bottle. At that point the flask will loose its ability for 24 hours and cannot be used to trap a creature or spell until that time has passed.

Examples of spells and creatures this bottle affects:

Gust of Wind, Fog Cloud, Stinking Cloud.
Air Elementals, Vampires in Mistform, Djinns, Creatures affected by the Gaseous form spell.
5e: Creatures may take a DC 15 Strength saving throw to resist the effect. They must take this saving throw at the start of each turn they remain within twenty feet of the uncorked bottle.
Adnd: Save against spells at -4 instead.

Neat coin
This is a single platinum coin. The original Neat Coin was created by a mage who lowed putting spells into currency. This was one of his most loved creations. The Neat Coin has a pleasant weight and feel in the hand.
This coin is magically enchanted to be extremely accurate, and if rubbed before thrown it will bounce and ricochet easily in complicated patterns.
When its magic is active any attempt to throw this coin has advantage and cannot gain disadvantage. This includes even if the thrower is attempting a trick such as making it land on an edge, land it on the top of someone's head, or otherwise do something difficult.
Throwing this coin is a dexterity check, with a proficiency bonus.
However it does not affect the DC of a throw. For example a throw that is outright impossible still cannot be done using this coin.
A more powerful version of this coin, the "Very Neat Coin" teleports to a random pocket or place on its owners person, such as their boot, hat or behind their ear. This only occurs after the coin has come to a halt. If it is given to another person that person now counts as the new owner.

Invisible Crayon
This is a crayon that is invisible. It can be felt as a crayon by touch, and most invisible crayons come with a small piece of colored string tied around them in order to make it easier to find them.
Text or markings written by this crayon are also invisible. It is however magical, and shines out brightly in a specific color (such as green, violet, deep blue, crimson, or the like) when seen by magic mean.
Therefore text written by this crayon is easily findable by not only Read Magic but also the See Invisibility and Detect Magic spells.
A new crayon should be good for about 1000 letters. It is up to the gm if he wants to track this or not.
If the crayon is used to write a glyph of warding or similar spell it will only activate to people able to perceive it.

Brother Sticks
These are two polished sticks, around six inches in length. If you snap one the other snaps as well - cracked in the same place as its brother, with a moderate sound. The sticks then loose their magic. These items is a common magic item used to send simple predetermined signals. Some adventurer's also use them as a trigger mechanism for simple traps or as a distraction. 
Brother Sticks often comes in small bundle (1D20 pairs), with each pair tied together by a small thread or painted in the same colors so that they can be picked out.
Brother sticks do not work over great distances (over three kilometers) or on different planes. However if one stick is snapped the other will snap as soon as it is back in range.

Flawed (Semi-Cursed items)

Spellstone ring
This is a platinum ring with a shimmering sapphire placed in an elaborately engraved pentagon on the top of the ring.
At dawn this ring automatically stores a random spell inside itself. Anyone wearing the ring can cast this spell as a single action.
An Identify spell will tell you what spell is currently stored in the ring, however the stored spell is reset each day.

Game masters may make their own list of spells the ring can store, however here is a default list:

1. Fire Shield - lasts 10 rounds, targets wielder.
2. Protection against evil, lasts 10 rounds, targets wielder
3. Haste, wielder only, lasts 10 rounds (does not age him)
4. Jump, targets wielder, lasts 10 rounds
5. Strength, targets wielder, lasts 10 rounds
6. Fly, targets wielder, lasts 10 rounds
7. Hold Person, targets wielder, lasts 10 rounds (saves allowed: DC 15)
8. Slow, targets wielder, lasts 10 rounds(saves allowed: DC 15)

That Damned Thing
An apprentice witch crafted this flying broom several years ago. Not wanting to dare the monster infested forest in order to get a specific type of tree for the broom the witch skimped on the materials used in its construction. The result is 'That Damned Thing'.
It is a flying broom. However it is extremely finicky with very poor maneuverability and a tendency not to want to leave the ground.
People using this broom has disadvantage on any athletics checks for doing sharp turns or complicated maneuvers with it.
In order to take off using it, a character must first succeed with a dc 15 saving throw, otherwise it will merely float up about 30 ft into the air, only to drop down 25 ft. However a character can keep trying at the start of every turn
Movement with this broom should be considered erratic.
Despite all this the witch used it for many years, taking immaculate care of its maintenance.

Sunseeking Carpet
This is a magic carpet originally created for a religious ceremony. It is capable of flight with the following drawbacks:
It can only function when the sun is clearly visible.
While it can move up and down as normal for a flying carpet, it can only move in the direction of the sun(it cannot turn left and right).
It must move at least 10 ft forward per turn or it will loose 5ft of height until it reaches the ground.
It's possible it was created for religious reasons. It is also possible it was merely badly crafted.