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Author Topic: Looking for Playtesters  (Read 435 times)


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Looking for Playtesters
« on: May 20, 2021, 07:23:00 PM »
This is for a custom system, D6 dice pool based.

I'm looking to test these aspects out, then do more as needed.

- Character Creation
- Basic Gameplay Scenario (Search a school at night for something.)
- Combat Scenario Tests (By The Second and Action Points) ((2-4 participants; can be done via a forum post or some other texting application))


Other Details

Theme - Modern Times w/ Supernaturals (Werewolves, Magicians, and Angelics (humans who have joined forces with an angel); Humans playable)

General Driving Forces - The general driving force is time. To build one's character takes EXP investment in them by way of combat, exploring places, looking into situations, etc. Certain things can also happen on certain hours/days without the PCs knowing, causing situations they have to look into or deal with.

Specific Driving Forces -

-- Werewolves (Finding places to hunt and keeping their status hidden from the public; they stay in wolf-man form for 36 hours every full moon and have to eat something living within the last 12 hours of this period, though can shift forms at any time else.)
-- Magicians (Looking into new spells, practicing ones they know, and discovering/creating new ones; if they go without casting for too long and then fail a roll, they will stop what they're doing and focus on casting.)
-- Angelics (Seeking out and dealing with/exterminating sources of evil, up to and including devils and demons, who can possess both animals and people; they are always on the lookout for people and creatures who give off an evil presence, which can include Werewolves and Magicians if they're committing evil acts.)
-- Humans (Helping any supernaturals with whom they are allied without getting themselves turned/awakened in the process, or looking into the strange things they notice around their neighborhoods/hometown.)

Kinds of Enemies/Hazards - The Public, Criminals, Law Enforcement, Federal Agents, The Possessed, Rogue Werewolves/Magicians, Wild Animals, Trained Animals, etc.


Current Draft of the rules, without pictures (!AuqFHV_vpcEMm2W6C0KHuKHvrCY5)
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Re: Looking for Playtesters
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