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Looking for people to help me design a new s&s ttrpg!

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Hello fellow fantasy gaming enthusiasts!

Delivering disappointment after disappointment, the soyboys at Wizards of the Coast and Paizo (among many others) have decided to drown themselves in the swamp that is wokeism. The decision from Crawford and his camp to remove the Drow and Orcs from the game "because of their intrinsic evil nature and the fact that there are parallels to be made to marginalized groups in society" is so ridiculous it's truly mindblowing. This and many other decisions to politicize roleplaying games sickens me and made me decide to come up with my own world and gamesystem.
I can hear you think: "Yo David, no one is waiting for yet another game system or world." Perhaps. Doesn't mean I am not allowed to try and make this work.

At this moment this is what I have and what I have planned:

Project title: None yet.
World: Absoleth
Style: 80s sword and sorcery (more sword than sorcery)
Keywords: war, political intrigue, roaming warbands, slavery, sex, sword and sorcery, low magic setting
Looking for:
* Artist with a passion for 80s s&s - big breasted ladies and muscular guys!
* Rule theorist - the dice or... what can you come up with?Extra info: I got a Discord where we can hangout and work on this project. I can't offer a monetary compensation unfortunately, but down the road, who knows, we could turn to Kickstarter for instance and get the money we need.

I hope to hear from you, even if you're not interested in helping. Any comment would be helpful!

Thanks for reading this and have a splendid day!
David - Black Plague Publishing

I'm no good at art or rules but am a fan of S&S so wish you the best of luck.

One thought, many rulesets fall into the trap of assuming magic corrupts sorcerers and makes them in tentacled or horned monstrosities which is not evidenced in Robert E. Howard's fiction. It also makes it difficult to have have the seductive enchantress trope, no one fancies women who have worms for fingers, empty burning pits for eyes and who smells of rotting flesh.

Magic isn't going to corrupt anyone, but it is reserved for the few. Probably a restriction: on "magic user" per party or no magic for PCs at all (only NPCs). Need to flesh it out.

Thanks for the response though! Appreciate it.


--- Quote from: Plagued on August 15, 2022, 06:26:40 AM ---Magic isn't going to corrupt anyone

--- End quote ---
Other than the corruption that power over others breeds :)

All too fucking human ;-)

(Which is the only -playable- race in the game)


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