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how would one make an osr system for playing in a bronze age authentic setting?

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I was thinking of GMing an OSR campaign in a setting akin to Dark Albion except it is based on the bronze age instead of medieval Europe, any tips?

Kyle Aaron:
One would use RuneQuest, since the default fantasy setting of Glorantha is bronze age.

oh, so I guess a historically authentic bronze age setting has been done?

*edit* not quite, I was thinking more based on the actual history/mythologies from back then

Godfather Punk:
If your French is good, and if you can find a copy, there was L├ęgendes (later republished as a boxed set L├ęgendes Celtiques), a simulationist rpg from the early 80's. It was historically pretty accurate but had some mythological elements. The system used d20 but was not D&D derived.

For a d20 system that came out during the 3rd edition glut, Mongoose published 'Slaine - the RPG of Celtic heroes' based on the comics.

Maybe these two can give you inspiration what to do (or which mistakes to avoid).

I was thinking more centered around Egypt and Mesopotamia.

I was only using Dark Albion as an example for authenticity

also, would a modified Lion and Dragon work?


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