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How to Increase activity without being a dictator


Hello all, I am new to the RPG world and just started a modern day geopolitical RPG game. Due to the nature of it, players have alot of freedom as far as the stories they tell for their nations. But activity on the Discord has been kind of slow and I want to increase it without taking away the freedom or coming across as a dictator. I recently posted a news story about a Volcanic eruption that would affect multiple nations and hopefully increase activity. Any other tips that can help me or other rookies to increase activity without being overbearing?

My own feeling is that you should use information closer to the players. using broad information is perfectly okay, but unless players are actually taking an interest in what's going on, they'll simply shrug. So generate that interest. You say there's been an earthquake? So why not have refugees turning up with one or two strange tales to tell. If the players still shrug, do a Marco Polo on them - have the NPC reveal something valuable or powerful, lamenting that much was left behind. go from there.

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