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Title: "FtA!" Space! or Far Future!! Could it be done?
Post by: Koltar on August 05, 2007, 03:26:33 AM
Okay I've taken a look at the free pdf sample version of "Forward to Adventure!" now and I'm wondering if the same attitude and approach that Pundit took in making that could also be used with a Sci-Fi game or Intersteller Adventuring type game.  There should be starships that the player character can fly and things like that . (Not just for you , Sett  - I like that stuff too.)

 Bow I don't pretend that I am a game designer - I've thought about it and had some ideas. I'm  just putting this up here for those of you that ARE game designers and or publishers.

 Could the same sort of game mechanics that Pundit used with "FtA!" work with a space setting or far future RPG ?

- Ed C.