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Author Topic: Help with a rpg die system  (Read 532 times)


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Help with a rpg die system
« on: December 10, 2019, 10:18:08 PM »
hello guys

I would like to share with you some ideas that I've been testing on my rpg system

First I need to quickly explain the evolution of dice rolls.

The default scroll is 2d10, similar to 1d20, but with a small bell curve. In addition to roll, a sum of 2d10 + skill

there was a rule of favorable and unfavorable roll, where an unfavorable roll was made by rolling 2d8 while a favorable roll was performed with 2d12. Over time we add a extra die from class power, evolving from +1d4 to + 1d12.

Here are my thoughts and conclusions:

For the current game, the rule of favorable and unfavorable rolls is very weak and unrewarding. I think of making the rule something like a pool dice, 2 highest from 4d10. Or maybe just extinguish the rule, with the + 1dX additional die being the only extra die rule. (maybe two rules are too many?)

My second thought and doubt is regarding 2d10 core roll, maybe it is better to just do 1d20 die roll, since the odds of getting a 20 result with 2d10 is different from 1d20, which makes it a little frustrating not being able to have this result so easily.

anyway, sorry for my bad english.


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Help with a rpg die system
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2019, 11:46:46 AM »
Honestly: I think every sort of die rolling that can be tried has been tried, so the concern is less 'is this new and interesting' and more 'does this make the game play the way I want it to', and we know nothing about the way your game is supposed to play outside of the die mechanic.

Nothing wrong with it, though I'll note that an advantage/disadvantage on a roll works out to a +2/-2 bonus on average.  

That said I'm not fond of the idea of adding the skill to a 2d10 roll. Usually when I see 2d10s there is a roll over or roll under mechanic involved. Examples off the top of my head include Corporation, SLA Industries and the 3rd Edition of Mechwarrior (The fourth kept a similar mechanic with 2d6s, as I recall), along with a few more minor examples.  I can't think of any which used 'add skill', which as you describe sounds more like a take on the D&D mechanic, only swapping the d20 for the 2d10.

Adding additional die as a levelling mechanic is doable but, in my opinion, unadvisable. I've never seen a popular system that used growing mixed die pools, but then I can't think of any that did it as an optional mechanic instead of core (see Alpha Omega, among others...).  The closest currently 'successful' system I can think of that works like that is Modiphus's 2d20 mechanic, which only grows by adding additional d20s, rather than mixing dice.

Hope that was useful, and good luck with your design.
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