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--- Quote from: Dacke ---The problem I see with making 1s complications is that it means that the more skilled you are, the more unintended consequences you get.
--- End quote ---
Yeah, that's the big problem with that idea.  Currently in Exalted, if you have no successes, you get a botch (a bad failure) if you roll any 1's.  Botches become less likely the more dice you have, but they tend to be more spectacular when they happen.  That I can handle -- it's very much in the theme of an epic for the most skilled person to fuck up in the biggest way.

Similarly, I'm thinking that the complications don't necessarily have to be bad -- just annoying, and possibly requiring another roll.  But I need to bat that around more and see if it would really add something to the game, or just add complexity.

You might want to take a look at how SR4 handled it. They have two levels of Glitches. The first is if 1/2 or more of the d6 in the pool come up 1, but you have at least one success rolled (a 5 or a 6). This is a Glitch. A Critical Glitch is 1/2 or more come up 1, but there are no successes. I haven't worked out exactly how or how well it'd translate it to d10 and with the pool sizes you'll normally have. If you'd keep it as just 1 or go with 1 or 2. But that's a starting point of a possibility.

The Glitch is typically just an inconvience, and you can still succeed at a task when you Glitch, but the inconvience can cascade with other situations to become a real pain. The rarer Critical Glitch is something really bad happening. Like you accidentally shoot your buddy in the back. Note that in SR4 you can spend a point of Edge to negate any Glitch/Critical Glitch, although this is fairly expensive so people will still just eat Glitches anyway, especially non-Critical ones.

P.S. Now one downside to Glitches is a quirk where it is actually easier to roll a Glitch with 4 dice than it is with 3 dice. :imsorry: However there is a clever fellow that patched it up.  Check out page 3 here .  It is a bit more complicated, but not too bad.


--- Quote from: blakkie ---You might want to take a look at how SR4 handled it. They have two levels of Glitches.
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Thanks.  That gives me some ideas to think on.  I was thinking that the complications would not necessarily be bad (unless you fail the roll, too) -- but they do make your life more difficult, and probably make you do another roll with a different skill.


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