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This is a master list of all the cool threads and links we have here and abroad on the subject of dungeon design. Advice, practical examples, and so on. Please post links to the useful resources you have regarding this topic, on the RPG Site with links to the threads as a priority, and off site resources as well, secondarily.

Please include a short description of what can be found on the thread or link provided as well, so we can make this list useful for people seeking help on the topic.

I'll update the first two posts of this thread with the resources submitted.

(1) Links to relevant threads on the RPG Site

Advice on building a megadungeon (general advice, plus a practical example built 'live' on the thread)
B1 Redux using Adventurer Conqueror King (B1 maps redrawn and reflavored, by two_fishes)
E.'s General Continuity Complex (Post-apocalyptic mega-dungeon campaign)
Halls of the Hidden Prince, Level One (Sample Dungeon level, by Aos)
How to not create boring and repetitive dungeons (examples, basic design concepts to keep in mind)
Map making, the DNDwithPornstars way (Alternate Map making)
Melan's comparison of Dungeon Layouts (comparison of maps from modules and how to build a map layout from there)
Planet Algol's Bloodsoaked Temple (Sample dungeon area)
Potential megadungeon setting (Sample Setting)
Tower of Saint Makhab Level 2 (Sample Dungeon level by yours truly)
Using the dungeon method to build a CoC conspiracy (Demonstration of the versatility of the dungeon logistics)

(2) List of relevant links abroad

Advice on building a megadungeon with a practical example (compilation of my posts on the RPG Site megadungeon on K&KA)
Beyond the Black Gate: Megadungeon Resources (Blog thoughts and methodology)
Deciphering EGG's Castle Greyhawk map (K&K thread looking at a picture of one of Castle Greyhawk's levels)
Inventory of Levels/Sublevels in EGG/RJK's Castle Greyhawk (Allan Grohe gathers information all over the internet to summarize the structure of the original megadungeon)
Jaquaying the Dungeon (Specific advice and methodology to create non-linear dungeon layouts, by the Alexandrian)
Megadungeons! (Link to the main category at K&KA. Really worth mining)
Show me your first levels! (K&K thread showing many sample levels)
Superman, cynicism, and the suspension of disbelief (K&K discussion about the Weird in the dungeon)

Potential megadungeon setting.

Thanks Aos. OP updated. Will feed this thread at some point as well.

Will this thread be stickied (he asks having not yet troubled to check)?

EDIT: ah I see that it is.


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