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Author Topic: Caladium Books presents...  (Read 251 times)


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Caladium Books presents...
« on: July 14, 2021, 03:00:03 PM »
Does Palladium books tolerate parodies these days? I know they used to go after people for infringement from time to time.

I was thinking of doing a nutty parody of a Palladium book game, mostly loving, from "Caladium Codices" or "Caladium Pamphlets" called Arboreal Uprising: The End of Civilization Has Never Been More ENTertaining where trees and plants start trying to kill people and PCs need to deal with that.

I plan to do it in a perfect bound chapbook sort of format but around 80 pages or so.

The stats would be something like:
Swoleness or Sinew
Robustness or Vigor
EFFability (a score from 0 to 10) or Sexual Marketplace Value S.M.V.

I will probably use something like the D6 modern system and include a paper "build your own D6" on one page that you can cut out and maybe or maybe not assemble into a working die.

The character classes will be goony-dumb-on-purpose stuff.

Run Like Hell Expert  RLHE ( specializes in party evasion often via buffs and nerf)

Kill It with Fire Operative  KIWFO(oxidizes things)

Morale Coordinator MC or MoCo (keeps panic, rage & such down in party or NPCs)

Tellurian Psychologist T.P. or Wood Shrinker(knows how trees think, confuses them)

Herbicidal Maniac.   He-Man (Some people have a talent for killing plants)

Sir Saws A lot   (Vrrrrnnnnnnnnnn Vrrnrnnnnnnnn BN BN BN bvrrunnnnnnn)

AmBushist    (how do you camouflage yourself against trees?)

Werebeaver   WeBe (turns into giant beaver, porcupine, or termite something full moon)

Anti-Druid    AnDr(nature sucks and here's the lore of what to do about it! infoclass)

Shrub Whisperer  ShWh (the shrubs have not turned against us. Some command them)

Honestly that's about all I have so far but it's been ten minutes and I hope to do ... something with this.

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Re: Caladium Books presents...
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2021, 03:08:46 PM »
I picture Tellurian Psychology at higher levels involves scooby-do like skits with props where you convince the tree that it is late for its cut dye and perm or try to convince it that it has just won a cake walk or is getting married (to a pile of dynamite with a top hat on it).

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