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Title: Alignment/motivation system for Psyskipper
Post by: SirParadox on September 05, 2021, 10:58:51 PM
I would love opinions on my alignment, motivation system posted below.

Each player picks one from each of the following choices to describe the general alignment and personality of your character. Plus you are encouraged to expand upon their disposition, and reasons for developing your character that way. Keep in mind the purpose of games is to have fun. Purposely creating a disruptive or evil character to ruin everyone's fun is not recommended, it tends to ruin everyone's enjoyment of the game. The GM has final say over all characters approval.

Primary  Alignment Trait: pick one.
Abider: Rules are important to you, you don't like deviation from the rules. If the rules say only cross the street at the corner you will walk a mile out of your way to get to the nearest corner to cross the street, even if it is completely deserted.
Conformist: You simply want to fit in and go with whatever everyone else is doing. You don't like conflict so if everyone else is doing something you tend to do the same.
Individualist: You do what you feel is best, you strongly detest rules and situations that limit your personal freedom. You are capable of following the rules when needed, particularly if they benefit you to follow. But you still place a higher value on your freedom, and the freedom  of others.
Radical: You actively look for rules to break, and take great personal pleasure from getting away with doing so. You love anarchy and chaos, you were the kid always in detention. Probably pulled the fire alarm at least once in school, along with numerous other disruptive pranks.

Secondary Alignment Trait: pick one.
Kind: You like to assist others, and will put yourself in harms way if it helps someone else.
Ambivalent: You just seek to go about your life, not looking to harm others, nor to help others.
Malicious: You take a perverse pleasure in harming others, whether by words or actions. You can be very toxic and abrasive.
Corrupter: You love leading others into corrupt actions, by guile or force. You get great pleasure seeing your actions lead others into bad decisions.

Community trait: pick one
Social: You love and thrive in social situations, you get depressed if left alone for any significant amount of time.
Impartial: You fit in with crowds or just relaxing by yourself. You may never be the popular kid, but you don't really want to be the focus of extra attention anyway. You do enjoy you private moments as well.
Loner: You really don't like crowds or attention. It's not that you are anti social, you just don't find any need to be around loud, annoying people. You have very few close friends, and are fine on your own indefinitely.

Motivational Tendencies: pick one.
Collector: You like to accumulate things based on your desires, could range from a hoarder to an avid collector of memorabilia. Even if given a strong incentive, you are hard pressed to give things up.
Minimalist: You tend to live easy come, easy go. You never really unpack or consider any one place home. You can pack up and move with only a few hours preparation. Nothing you have is important enough to worry about losing, and if it is you carry it with you.
Greed: You love money, and it is your primary motivator for most things you do. Everyone has a price, especially you. There are some lines you won't cross, but that's a pretty rare occurrence.
Survival: You never had it easy, you look at life as a challenge. Everyday you wake up, you did something right. All tasks are you. versus everyone else in your mind. You work with others well, but always expect them to betray or fail you.
Altruism: You put others before yourself. This can range from taking on the mantle of doing what “you” feel will help everyone in the long run, to being a gentle soul who would give a complete stranger the shirt off their back and their last meal.
Producer: You want to create something special, to leave your mark on the world. Your goals are forever focused on achieving immortality through your creations. Everything else is a distraction, or learning experience towards that goal.
Thinker: You are always pondering the meaning of everything, and tend to be a bit of a dreamer. The universe is a huge place. Why do all 13 known universes have such similar histories, belief systems, languages, and other unexplained mysteries. You want to be the one to solve these and other mysteries.