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[Advanced Class] The Operant Psychic


Hastur T. Fannon:
Attached is an Advanced Class I'm writing for a unique take on the superhero concept using d20 Modern.  Can you let me know what you think?

An interesting class, but the class seemed to define itself more by its drawbacks than its benefits.  For the price of becoming insane, I couldn't really note a payoff.

Hastur T. Fannon:
Underpowered then? Remember it's for d20 Modern and some of those d20 Future feats are groovy

Be the Best probably needs boosting - it's not even as good as a Skill Emphasis at level 1. Perhaps make it a +5 at lv 1, +10 at level 3 and +15 at level five?

The insanity you get at "Quirky" is quite minor.  Mostly RP stuff and some -2 penalties to 2-3 skills depending on the nature of the insanity


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