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Title: [AD&D1e] "Beware the Spawning Chaos..."
Post by: Abyssal Maw on April 20, 2008, 09:47:57 PM
Leaving off from the last episode, the party decided that their wounded ranger would be better off getting healed back in town than in pressing on. So they headed back.

Around this time, also, Minston (who had not been seen since he was drugged by Kasarim slavers) awoke from his catatonic state back at the temple of Palaimon. He tried flirting with priestess Chariel, but as usual, she was having none of it.  

She reminded him of the mission to map the route to the Spawning Pit. Around this time, most of the group arrived, and they were all reunited. Local rumors of the day included word of an orcish uprising to the west. Norcon encouraged a direct return to the Korrgard caves (probably because he was independently pursuing a mission in that direction). This would leave the orcs for another day.

(The orcs described were indeed Broken Skull tribe orcs that Tili had dealt with before).

So they headed towards the Korrgard caves again, and traced their way through the caves beyond where the troglodytes where.

Tangal had a henchman probe the way south, and uncovered a crude alarm trap based on a tripwire. Norcon quickly disarmed it. They continued on, and heard voices down a side passage.. but they decided that they should avoid battle for now.

They later ran across a sulfur mine cavern and a long cave where there was a pool filled with blind cave fish, and then back north until they reached the far side of the closed porticullis gate they had encountered weeks earlier. Tili-Teshub rejoined the group at this point.

They had come full circle, but so far avoided the center! This kicked off a bit of a debate about getting to lower levels of the dungeon, and a few different ideas were tossed out, and the map discussed. Finally the group backtracked to one of the caves adjoining the large central cavern, and identified the lever that operated one of the porticullises. (But didn't pull it).

They moved forward into the large central cave and identified the frog caves from earlier. Some of them considered collecting one of the poisonous frogs as either an oddity or to seel to the apothecary, but decided they didn't have the right equipment for it.

They backed out again, and headed towards where they heard the voices, and found themselves suddenly facing the hobgoblin garrison (camped at a cave shrine dedicated to Mgalubiyet) on this level!  

There was an immediate large pitched battle between the party and a large group of 11 disciplined hobgoblin fighters.  The battle went well-- some hirelings were pulled back from the front lines, and Minston at one point was caught between a pair of tough hobgoblin adversaries. He survived (barely), and the hobgoblins were defeated.

The group picked through the Maglubiyet shrine and the bodies of the fallen, and collected a decent haul of copper and electrum coins.

( be continued)
Title: [AD&D1e] "Beware the Spawning Chaos..."
Post by: Abyssal Maw on April 20, 2008, 11:13:51 PM
back at the shrine they moved into the frog cave and investigated. The frogs were non threatening and avoided contact, but the party seemed aware of how poisonous they were.

They discovered a second shrine to an obscure goblin demigod in the north of the room. Tangal made a sacrifice of several gold, and the mysterious message "Beware of the Spawning Chaos" appeared briefly.

Other sacrifices were made but to no avail.

The party decided to head further down into the Lower caves, but Norcon hung back and stole back all of the sacrificed gold.

Heading back into the lower caves, they encountered a room with a strange 4-sided obelisk as well as a group of goblin miners-- these were not wearing the red and black livery of Korrgard, but simple rags. They attacked immediately, and one ran.

The group tried to stop the escapee but to no avail. He ran down into a side cave and dove into a murky pool, disappearing.

The party turned their attention to defeating the goblins and managed to soon kill all but one, who threw down his weapon in surrender.

They interrogated him and learned his name (Pilsner) and that the goblins here were loyal to an ogre known as Gruntgorm, who lived nearby. They did not like the red-and black uniformed hobgoblins. The escapee had gone to warn the ogre by escaping through an underwater tunnel. The ogre and the remaining goblins would be ready.

Once the party began questioning the captive goblin, Pilsner spoke of returning to Goblinton and offfered to lead the way there. He took them back across, and unlocked the eastern porticullis. he got them as far as Batswing Aerie, and reported a dangerous crossing by boat with a group of miners.

Batswing Aerie was frightening- a zipline suspended 180' above a pool inhabited by a ravenous dinosauroid monstrosity. One by one the group crossed until one of the hirelings fell to his death.

Finally Tili-Teshub figured out a way to create a rope harness to make a safer  version of the zipline. The rest of the porters, Minston Diced, and Tili crossed   without a problem.

They had made it to Goblintown.

(more later.. they had some adventures around Goblintown as well...)
Title: [AD&D1e] "Beware the Spawning Chaos..."
Post by: Abyssal Maw on April 21, 2008, 09:52:14 PM
Ok, so around Goblintown, they made their way through, and (may have been surprised to discover) that the goblins were not hostile in their home town. They also found out that there were plenty of non goblinoids either visiting or making semi-permanent residence in Goblintown.

Many areas of the "Town" were closed to outsiders, and there was a ramshackle fortress with a wooden palisade in one of the larger caverns. They learned that the ruler was King Hop.

The settlement included any number of illegal and immoral establishments, a massive junk bazaar, a place to hire humanoid mercenaries (specializing in goblins, orcs, and even a few human and demi-human mercenaries, although all of them had the down-and-out/drunkard/bad reputation thing going for them. Tangal was especially interested in hiring an ogre, but there was none available.

There was also the slave bazaar. 14 assorted human, (and a pair of elven) slaves were up for auction, and only about 7 of them were likely to fetch much of a price. Tili-Teshub identified a possible cleric in the group and made some plans to rescue all of the captives. Tangal looked through the group for any prospective hirelings as well.

As they ended the adventure they learned that the Goblins were holding a celebration called a "Goblin Howl" on the following evening, and that visitors (a female sect of goblin priestesses) would possibly be visiting.

The session kinda ended there with XP being given out, and the players planning on liberating the captive slaves from the midst of Goblintown.